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Looking for a job in Utah? Many jobs are still in demand in Utah, even during the pandemic, including those in the warehousing and manufacturing sectors. For many of these roles, you do not need extensive qualifications or experience to get started.

We have seen recent listings for each of these job categories on our job board. Check out this list of ten jobs that are currently hiring in your area!

Jobs In Demand In Utah

1. Forklift Operator Jobs

Forklift operators and drivers use a forklift to move pallets and other materials. You may be expected to have experience with or be willing to learn to use a sit-down, stand-up, or reach forklift. Pay typically starts at $12-18 per hour depending on experience.

2. Production Associate Jobs

Production associates stack pallets, record material amounts, transport merchandise between receiving stations and production areas, and operate manual material handling equipment such as hand jacks and wheeled carts. Pay typically starts at $12-$13.50 per hour.

3. Packaging Associate Jobs

Packaging associates work on assembly lines. They often work on packaging, kitting, bottling, assembling, weighing, measuring raw product material, and quality control. They may also do paperwork such as keeping track of lot codes and stand for eight or more hours per day. Pay typically starts at $11-14 per hour.

4. Truss Builder Jobs

Truss builders assemble trusses or wall frames using wood pieces, hammers, and pneumatic nail guns. They must be able to work accurately and quickly. Pay typically starts at $14-$16 per hour with great potential for wage growth depending on performance and reliability.

5. General Warehouse Associate Jobs

General warehouse associates may work in various positions throughout the warehouse. They often assist with order picking, fulfilling orders for pickers, wrapping pallets, stocking, packaging, counting inventory, moving boxes, and other forms of general labor. Pay typically starts at $12-$13.50 per hour.

6. Mixing/Blending Worker Jobs

Mixing/blending workers operate and tend machines that mix materials such as chemicals, color pigments, liquids, or tobacco. They also measure ingredients to ensure products meet quality requirements. This job is fairly labor-intensive and often involves twisting, turning, climbing, crouching, and heavy lifting. Pay typically start at $13-14 per hour.

7. Janitor Jobs

Janitors clean floors, rooms, and equipment as well as doing minor building maintenance and repairs. They may pick up trash, sweep, mop, vacuum, stock bathrooms, and use industrial cleaning equipment. Pay typically starts at $12-14 per hour.

8. Lab Tech Jobs

Lab tech workers perform sample preparation, chemical and physical testing, analysis, and reporting or recording tasks. They also prepare reagents and clean analytical glassware. Ideally, candidates should be familiar with laboratory equipment such as burettes, balances, and microscopes. They may be expected to have at least some college coursework in biology, chemistry, or a related scientific field as well as material safety data sheet (MSDS) knowledge. Pay typically starts at $14-18 per hour.

9. Picker/Material Handler

Pickers and material handlers sort materials, match orders, and prepare merchandise for shipping. They often use computer automated systems to fill orders. They are sometimes known as picker packers, order pickers, and warehouse pickers. Pay typically starts at $10-16 per hour.

10. Machine Operator

Machine operators set up and operate machines. They oversee all the equipment in their assigned production line, making adjustments and checking quality to improve efficiency. They are often responsible for following bath orders, documentation, and cleaning the room and any tools around the room. Some machine operators also act as back-up line leads. Pay typically starts at $13-19 per hour.

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