Employee Retention Credit:  Up to $26,000 per employee See if you qualify

Charles Mui was initially skeptical about the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), but after learning more, he saw that it was an enormous opportunity for businesses and nonprofits. He ultimately decided to share the news with other business owners in his network.

Listen to what he has to say about this amazing tax credit:

Michael Perog, EVP Business Development: Hello and welcome! Michael Perog here. I’m here with Charles, one of our referral partners. How are you, sir?

Charles Mui, ERC Referral Partner: Hey, doing fantastic Michael!

Michael: So I’d like to just ask Charles a few questions. I think you’ll find this kind of fun. I’ve known Charles for some years. Charles, please share a little about yourself and the marketing work you do to help other companies and businesses.

Charles: Sure. So since 2006, I’ve run a marketing agency to help people with digital marketing. I put together products and do branding, but mainly just, you know, networking. For many years, I’ve worked a lot within the network marketing industry helping companies. I’ve been on corporate teams doing everything from like, merchant accounts and credit card processing, so a lot of B2B relationships.

Michael: Wonderful. And Charles, I called you when you were in the middle of a trade show. You’re busy as heck. I said, “Charles, you’ve got to learn about employee retention tax credits, it’s amazing. We’re giving money back to business owners.” And you were like “Yeah, Michael,” you were a little skeptical. Share a little about that, please.

Charles: You know I was a little skeptical, but I know you, and I know we have a relationship, and I knew you wouldn’t be calling me with something that was not great. So I said, okay, Michael, I’ll make some referrals. Snd I identified a few people in literally an afternoon of work I did calls. You introduced me to some great people on your team. I was able to set some calendar appointments and do some three-way calls. And you know Michael, actually, I was on the first three-way call, and the other two calls went on without me because I got the gist of it and I just let it happen. And then this was back in early November. It’s now mid-February. And Michael, you called me last night. You go, “Hey Charles, I saw your name on the commission sheet. Congratulations!” I go, “Congratulations for what? He goes, “Well, you got over $24,000 in commissions due. I’m like, “Show me what’s going on.” So we look at it. And you know I feel really thankful to be able to help my friends who were struggling business owners, who’ve had a tough COVID. The big businesses that do big dollars, between those three businesses they got over $1.2 million in funding, and you know I got a commission, so it’s a win-win-win all the way across the board. I said, “Michael, you’ve done it. You’ve proven to me, you showed me the money. I’m going to work.” So I put a big list together – and I’m putting a focus on this – what you put together from the tools perspective is world-class. You know, from running a marketing agency, I go, “I don’t think I could do any better myself.” So it’s really going to be a pleasure helping people access this money earning commissions, working with your team, working with the tools. I think that this window in time is really unique, and that if we focus, we can really leverage what the government has put into place, and we can all, you know, do well helping people with getting the economy on track.”

Michael: Charles, since I called you last night, you put together a list. You showed me a picture this morning, 60 people long. You filled the entire page, you said.

Charles: I ran out of room, yeah.

Michael: And you already made a bunch of calls to huge non-profits and businesses, like you’re on fire in the morning.

Charles: Well the thing is, it’s so hard to get any type of business up and running and off the ground, you know, developing products, launching marketing campaigns, putting all this stuff together. And you know, I’ve learned over the years that when you find something that works, and you’ve absolutely proven to myself and my referrals that your team can deliver and make it easy on everybody. You know, I recognize the object, I recognized it before, but again, I was skeptical. I put in some work, and it paid off. I said, “Wow, if I can do that with half a day of leveraging my network, what can I do when I really engage?” And so yeah, I’m excited to do this and make a big run out of, you know, helping people access these funds.

Michael: We have 33 months left because if you have three years from September 30th, this is the place. It’s about you, Charles, it’s about ERC, it’s about time. Any closing comments? You wrote for the other brokers and referral partners, you know, we want to help non-profits, right, because they then will turn around to their donors. We want to help for-profits, you know, sometimes some of the referral reps can actually say, “Hey, Mr. Client, if you’ll work with this program, we can actually use some of these funds to buy my products and services or to invest in my stock or invest in my company or do this or buy life insurance or buy this widget or this machine, this medical sales rep machine.” So there’s all these different choices. Charles, I know you’re a very smart marketer packaged in this super young, make it happen, body and energy. It’s a privilege to work with you. Any closing comments?

Charles: You know, well, I’m not one for handouts, I’m not one for, you know, welfares and these types of things. However, when the laws are already written and the money is already allocated, we’d be fools not to leverage this to the maximum. I mean, I feel that there’s, you know, tens of billions of dollars out there to be had. It’s a unique opportunity. I don’t think we’ll see something like this maybe ever again in our lifetime. And this is our opportunity to help our friends, help ourselves and help the country get the economy back on track, because when this money hits these businesses, it goes right to the people, it goes to the business owners. I trust my friends as business owners that they’re going to do the right thing and get the money back out in the economy. And I think there’s a lot that had to happen to get this CARES act passed, and we got 33 months to leverage it for ourselves and our friends. You know I’m all in.

Michael: Charles, I appreciate it very much. Let’s turn that page over, let’s get another 60 on that list, shall we?

Charles: All right! Hey, I want to put more on my sheet, I just ran out of room. So let me work through this page first, and then we’ll do the next one. You couldn’t make it any easier. I just hope your team – and I know, I believe it can — I just hope your team can handle the influx, because there are more.

Michael: We are ready to scale, Charles! Bring it!

Charles: Let’s do it.

Michael: Thank you, everyone.