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LG is developing a new app to support our employees and job seekers! The LG resources jobs app will allow you to quickly find out about available jobs, have your hours processed, and get paid faster.

How Will the LG Resources Jobs App Help Job Seekers?

Job Seekers will start by building a profile and the app will determine which jobs you might be interested in based on your job history and desired hourly wage.

Whenever there is a job opening that fits your needs, you will automatically receive a notification. From there, you can use the app’s chat function to let LG know if you are interested in that job.

What else can the LG Resources Jobs App do?

Current LG employees can also use the app to get their hours approved! After a work shift, you will be able to submit your hours for approval directly in the app. The app will send an email or text message to the client company so they can approve your hours right away.

The app will also include an advance option for employees who have submitted hours. The goal is to help you get paid earlier — something everyone likes!

Where Can I Get the LG Resources Jobs App?

The LG app will be available soon on the Apple and Android app stores.

What Else Should I Know?

Prospective employees will still need to apply with LG through the website. Once employees have an account, they can use it to access the app.

LG created the app to help employees more easily access job opportunities. As a bonus, spreading information through app will allow us to cut down on phone calls and texts so we can focus on helping our employees in more meaningful ways. We are always looking to improve our services for you and our clients!