Employee Retention Credit:  Up to $26,000 per employee See if you qualify

Last updated on December 21st, 2022 at 01:22 am

Daryl Hively, Founder and CEO at Guarantee Digital, has helped over 250 customers receive over $5 million in tax credits for retaining their employees during the pandemic. Watch the video below to hear Daryl’s story!


Michael Perog: Daryl, what’s unique is you’ve been able to give over $5 million of ERC to your referral partners by merely organizing the three-way calls. These are warm relationships. As you said, you have over 250 customers that you’re working with in order to help their digital media. Please take a moment to share your philosophy of how you’re giving to them, how you’re connecting better with your customers, and helping them get ERC. $5 million is an awful lot in order to help your customer base. They must be very thankful to you.

Daryl Hively: Again, thanks for having me. We are a digital marketing agency that is kind of unique in that we support other agencies. We have about 270 partners around the United States, and in their local markets, they’re out selling digital solutions to their local business owners. And then we do all the fulfillment here in Milwaukee. So we’re sort of the agency that supports the other agencies.

So we became an ERC client of LG Resources, and the process went really smooth. In probably about two months, after we had submitted all of our paperwork, we got our first check in the mailbox, and it was just such a pleasant surprise right before Christmas. I walked out there and there was a pretty nice size five-figure check waiting for me, the first of five checks we’re going to get back. We did about a little over twelve thousand dollars per employee and we have about 42 employees, so you can do the math. It’s going to be a pretty significant piece of money when it finally all comes in.

If you’re a good business partner, right, you want to share good ideas with your customers. And I can’t think of a much better idea than saying, “Hey, did you realize that our friends in Washington owe you maybe a couple hundred thousand dollars?” And they sort of get a nice warm spot in their heart for you when you’re able to do that for them, and then of course that excites them, and then they tell all of their partners and their clients, and so it just exponentially has an opportunity to grow.

The process has been really easy. First of all, we have a fantastic white glove specialist named Kevin, and so we have just filled his calendar up with phone calls. And after that 15-minute discovery call, it’s been easy to help them gather the documents.

The LG team is fantastic about helping the business owner gather the necessary information, upload it in the secure portal. And then, you know, like clockwork, five to seven business days later, you have the very happy conversation with your client that says, “Hey, good news! We’ve done our homework and it looks like you’re going to be getting six figures back.”

The first thing I did was go to all those personal contacts that I have, business partners as well as just people I know in the community, including some of our friends at nonprofits. And I say, you know, if you have a nonprofit that you care about and you support in your local community, boy this is absolutely something to go speak with them about. Because not only can you help them get more money for their mission, whatever that mission might be, but you can maybe even turn this into a big fundraising drive for them as they tell all the businesses that support

them, “Have you heard about the ERC? And imagine if you got a $100,000 back and allocated $10,000 toward our nonprofit.”

So it is just like the, what did they say? The biggest no-brainer in the history of no-brainers, right? Some of the CPAs feel like it’s worth the commission to just go ahead and let us do it so they don’t have to. It’s not a headache, it’s not, as you say, putting them at any risk.

But then there are also the business owners that say, you know, I talk to my CPA and he says he can do this for me. And we usually of course say, well why didn’t he let you know about it to begin with? We also say, why don’t you just have us submit as well, and at least you’ll have an apples-to-apples comparison of what the LG team can get back in their estimate versus what your CPA is going to do. Because frankly, often they’re kind of conservative in their approach. They don’t know what they don’t know about this whole bill. And as you guys have educated me, it’s a hundred-plus pages of tax law, and if you don’t know it, you may be, you know, not getting the business the money that they might have coming to them. We’ve been talking mostly to the owner of the business, and then he may be working with the CPA, and that’s the only time we come in contact with those guys.

Again, it’s, you know, the biggest no-brainer in the history of no-brainers, right? Get it for your business. Tell important business associates and contacts. Tell your clients – your clients will appreciate it, and who knows? They may reinvest some of those dollars in buying more of your fine products and services.

We all have to act fast. You never know when Uncle Sam’s going to turn off the spigot and say, “Hey, this fund has been exhausted, it’s no longer available.” So let’s have a sense of urgency here and get out there and see these guys.

Michael Perog: Daryl, it sure is fantastic how you’ve helped your CPAs, you’ve helped CEOs, and you’ve helped nonprofits all get over 5 million dollars of total ERC in order to rebuild themselves after the pandemic. What an amazing gift! All you’ve done is set up three-way phone calls, and we do all the rest.

We’re so thankful. I’m sure your customers are very thankful for it as well. All right, thanks Michael!

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