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Are you interested in starting a career as a delivery driver but unsure where and how to begin? Delivery driver jobs are in high demand and can prove to be highly profitable.

Starting a job as a delivery driver can provide you with schedule flexibility, steady income, and an introduction to being an entrepreneur. If this sounds appealing to you, read on. We’ll cover all the bases to help you decide if becoming a delivery driver is the right career path for you.

Why Become a Delivery Driver?

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Delivery driver jobs have many perks. They can be a great way to earn money on your own watch and in a way that fits your specific lifestyle, which can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

You Choose How Many Hours You Put In as a Delivery Driver

As an independent contractor, you get to decide how many hours you work per week, whether that be five or 40. Being able to set your daily schedule independently can be incredibly appealing, especially if you’re in school, work another job, or have children.

Do you have a few hours between your college classes? Driving delivery orders can be easily squeezed into tight or complicated schedules. When driving for a delivery service, you can clock in and out as often as you’d like throughout the day.

Flexible Scheduling

As mentioned above, your personal schedule is 100% up to you. You can take chunks of time off whenever needed without worrying about management issues or complaints. This flexibility can make for a very stress-free work environment with much independence.

Personalized flexible scheduling also means you can make more money when you need or want to. If you’re in a financial crunch or are looking to make some extra cash before a vacation, delivery driving can help you make those payments on time or save up as quickly as needed before a trip.

No Micromanagement

Working as a delivery driver may be the perfect fit if you’re someone who thrives under your own management rather than overhead management.

When working as a delivery driver, you won’t ever have a boss looking over your shoulder, which means you can figure out the perfect schedule for your lifestyle. You won’t ever have to worry about meeting deadlines, sitting through meetings, or having tough conversations with higher-ups.

Work Doesn’t Follow You Home

At the end of your work day or shift as a delivery driver, you won’t have to take the stress of your job home with you. You’re completely done with your responsibilities and effort when you clock out. Absolutely no checking your email at wee hours, making unwanted calls, or working late into the night after you’ve signed out for the day.

Working as a delivery driver allows you to keep your professional and personal life separate more than many other jobs in the general labor workforce.

Quick Pay Turnaround

One of the most appealing aspects of working for a delivery driving app is the quick turn arounds for your earnings. Most delivery driver apps will allow you to cash out at the end of each week, while some even allow your daily cashouts at the end of each shift.

Quick pay turnarounds allow for money to flow consistently. No more waiting until the second week, or even the end of the month, to receive your hard-earned cash. As a delivery driver, you can get fast gratification for your hours on a weekly or daily basis.

Delivery Driver Pay: What to Expect

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By now, you may be asking yourself – how much do delivery drivers make? This answer is slightly complicated because it all depends on how many hours you work and the number of tips you make. But, there are a few simple ways to break it down and get an idea of your potential earnings.

How much does a local delivery driver make?

According to Indeed, the average American makes $17.70 an hour working as a delivery driver. However, in Washington State, workers can expect to make 13% more, which averages out to about $20.71 per hour. In addition, indeed reports that Washingtonians make the most hourly as delivery drivers compared to all other states.

As mentioned, this average hourly pay is subject to vary. The more you work, the more you make!

Does a delivery driver get paid per delivery?

Most popular delivery driver apps pay you a standard rate per delivery and per mile that you drive. Ideally, the customer adds a tip on top of their completed order each time you make a delivery. Tips are one of the best ways for delivery drivers to ensure their paychecks pack a punch.

Some delivery apps offer better perks and payments than others. Remember: as an independent contractor, these companies are technically working for you. Make sure you research to determine which companies deserve your time.

Do delivery drivers get paid for gas?

Most often, delivery drivers get some money back for their gas through the company’s pay per mile, as mentioned above. As gas prices rise, companies are beginning to pay their drivers more to offset the immense gas cost pressures.

Apply For a Delivery Driver Job Through LG Resources

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Does the flexibility and independence of working as a delivery driver appeal to you? Are you interested in starting a career working as an independent contractor? This process can be made easy with the help of a successful staffing agency.

LG Resources is a staffing agency dedicated to connecting qualified workers with the perfect positions and careers across the country. Our dedicated agents are here to help match you with the ideal job opportunity for you and your lifestyle.

Don’t wait to see how LG Resources can make your dreams come true. Contact us today to see how you can become a delivery driver and start making money independently and efficiently.