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LG Resources is partnering with MoreActive, an interactive app aiming to individualize employees’ health and wellness via smartphones. MoreActive works with employers to give employees access to personalized fitness benefits and tools from the palms of their hands.

LG Resources’ partnership with MoreActive will help your employees focus on their health from the comfort of their homes. Through an interactive state-of-the-art smartphone application, MoreActive allows employees to improve their mental and physical health from wherever they are.

Are you interested in hearing more about what MoreActive can do for your employees? Read on to hear all the perks that MoreActive has to offer.

What Is MoreActive?

MoreActive is a holistic health and wellness approach to full body and total fitness. This personalizable smartphone app connects your employees to meal and nutrition programs, workouts, health assessments, goal setting, and more.

The application’s unique approach helps employees make innovative moves that drive extraordinary health and wellness results. When your employers are healthier, they’re likely to be happier, more engaged, and more productive.

Body Vision

MoreActive uses detailed and accurate 3-D visuals of your actual body composition to track your progress toward the healthy body you want. Their high-end body-mapping technology will help your employees follow along with their personal fitness journey and help them reach their goals more efficiently.

Workout Programs

The MoreActive app gives users access to workout videos which can help them take steps toward total wellness. In addition, the app allows them to follow along with highly experienced personal fitness trainers through their smartphones.

Nutrition Programs

fitness benefits

A nutrition program is just as important as a fitness program when looking to reach your wellness goals.

MoreActive’s comprehensive food plans help your employees track their nutrition and calorie intake. Moreover, the app provides users with healthy and delicious recipes with reference photos to help them adjust their diets and see results.

Wearable Integration

MoreActive allows users to connect their wearable technology, such as FitBit and Garmin, to help them track their fitness journey. That way, users can keep track of how many calories they burn, their heart rate, and other important metrics during their workouts.

Goal Settings

Setting fitness and wellness goals are some of the most vital aspects of seeing actual fitness results.

With MoreActive, users can easily access, organize, and track their progress. Then, users can focus on the big-picture to achieve their mental and physical goals.

Health Assessment

MoreActive uses custom-made health assessments to help deliver personalized programs that are curated to fit each person’s independent wants and needs.

MoreActive’s assessments work to figure out your personal workout style, day-to-day energy levels, and typical eating habits. Then, the app delivers a unique workout and nutrition regimen.

Why Choose LG Resources for Your Fitness Benefits?

In this day and age, finding and retaining the best employees on the job market can be difficult. With so many people looking for new jobs, finding the right person for your job can be overwhelming.

By teaming up with LG Resources, you and your business can rest assured that you’re getting the best employees right when you need them. In addition, you can get employee benefit consulting, connect with apps like MoreActive, and enjoy access to so many other perks.

Give LG Resource a call today. With our 96% employee retention rate, you won’t be disappointed in our services.