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LG Resources is supporting the Tim Tebow Foundation in the pursuit to abolish human trafficking, child endangerment, and slavery. TTF works in conjunction with rescue organizations on the front lines to rescue enslaved people around the world, raise awareness of the issue, and support survivors’ recovery.

It is estimated that as many as 40 million people in the world today are being bought and sold as modern-day slaves. Women, children, and men are being exploited and abused on a daily basis in countries around the world.

At LG, we believe that fighting human trafficking is something we all need to come together to fight. We hope to help create a safe environment for the abused to come out of the dark and experience love and peace in the way life was intended. No human being should be treated like this, and we want to play a part in bringing down the corrupt organizations that support this behavior.

“I am the proud father of 5 children and the thought of anyone abusing them in the way that the leaders of these human trafficking and pedophilia organizations abuse people disgusts me,” says Troy Hyde, owner and CEO of LG Resources. “I have been searching for a way to help.  I would ask that each of you do as well. Please help destroy this real disease.”

We ask that each person reading this article takes a few minutes to discover ways you can help. You can also donate to TTF to support the fight against human trafficking.