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LG Resources sponsored the Weber Fraternal Order of Police’s “Cops For Kids” holiday event this year to help build a better relationship between the local police force and other members of our community. The program united Weber County law enforcement officers with local disadvantaged children for a special day of shopping.

Each child was given new shoes, several outfits of winter clothing, and a few toys for under the tree. Children and families were carefully selected and screened by a committee of local law enforcement officers. Approximately $200 was spent on each child.

At LG, we believe we must do what we can to support our community, especially children and families who are less fortunate. This event was an opportunity for police officers and kids to interact, break down barriers, and build a better relationship. The Weber Fraternal Order of Police hoped to not only provide financial aid to these children and their families, but also let them know they have someone to turn to when faced with a potential crisis.

The Cops for Kids event was held on Saturday, December 12th at the Walmart Supercenter.