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Successful professional staffing agencies can save both employees and employers time and money. Wherever you live, there are professional staffing agencies ready to help with staffing, recruiting, and headhunting.

What Do Professional Staffing Agencies Do?

A staffing agency aims to bridge the gap between employers and employees by searching and interviewing qualified candidates for open job positions.

If you’re a business looking for a new employee, a staffing agency will help you create a job description, vet candidates by reviewing their qualifications and conducting interviews, and then present the best candidate(s) to you. You then make the final decision on who to hire while the staffing agency takes care of all the tiring paperwork, like contracts, payroll, and taxes.

If you’re a job seeker, a staffing agency will expose you to more job opportunities and help you connect with hiring managers. You will be able to browse job openings that may not be listed elsewhere, meet up with recruiters to discuss your qualifications, and potentially receive feedback to improve your chance of success.

Are Professional Staffing Agencies Legitimate?

Most staffing agencies are completely legitimate, but you should always do your research to find out more about the company before giving up any personal information. Ideally, you’ll want to see evidence of happy clients, clear contact information, and a longstanding online or brick-and-mortar presence so you can feel more sure of their services.

What Makes The Best Professional Staffing Agency?

A successful staffing firm will strive to have timely but successful results. It’s a good idea to ask your prospective staffing firm how they evaluate potential candidates and how long it usually takes to complete a hire. The perfect staffing agency will align with your timeline and have experience hiring in your industry or role.

Lastly, the best staffing firms practice clear and concise communication and nurture a professional relationship between the agency, candidate, and employer. They should be available via phone, email, and/or video call when needed and always have timely responses.

Tips for employers choosing a professional staffing agency

If you’re looking for a professional staffing agency as an employer, find a firm that has a large database of candidates in your industry.

Make sure the agency you’re looking to hire has a process that aligns with your goals. Some staffing agencies will interview candidates extensively to narrow down one or a few ideal candidates, while others only do preliminary checks on jobseekers’ qualifications in order to get an employer as many candidates as possible. You should also ask about the staffing agency’s screening processes.

Some staffing agencies have more success with certain types of hires. Find out whether the staffing agency has more success finding temporary, contract, or full-time candidates.

Most good staffing firms will offer additional services, such as access to health insurance or discount programs, payroll services, and workers’ comp benefits. If possible, the agency should be able to offer employers more than the bare minimum services in a partnership.

Tips for job seekers choosing a professional staffing agency

When searching for a staffing agency to help you find the perfect job, consider looking for a staffing firm that specializes in the specific fields you’re looking to be hired in. Ask questions, such as what kinds of positions they are usually hiring for and about their job placement statistics.

Although many people are eager to find full-time, long-lasting jobs, it is often easier to get temp, temp-to-hire, or contract positions, especially if you need to find work within a tight time frame. Sometimes these types of jobs open the door to a permanent position down the road. Be open to lots of different options, especially early in your career, as the best job for you may be under slightly different circumstances than you imagined.

Never be afraid to turn down an offer that doesn’t seem to match your wants and needs. You are under no obligation to take a job that a staffing agent presents you with, and it’s always OK to say no!

Why You Should Use Professional Staffing Agencies to Headhunt Your Next Hire

Staffing agencies can save organizations time and money and connect motivated workers with the perfect jobs for them. By hiring a staffing firm, you’re eliminating the stress of hiring new staff and saving time on hiring.

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