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For many organizations, staffing agencies are a go-to-solution for finding general or skilled labor candidates on a tight timeframe. However, leaders often do not think to try a similar approach when they need to fill professional positions.

The right people can make a massive difference in your business performance. By using a specialized staffing agency to recruit and hire professional candidates, you can leverage the agency’s extensive experience and well-honed processes to find the best candidate for a highly critical position.

What Professional Staffing Agencies Do

Professional staffing agencies specialize in placing candidates at the professional and executive level. Depending on the staffing agency, they may focus on professional roles such as accounting and office managers or extremely high-level positions such as vice presidents, art directors, and C-suite executives.

Unlike headhunters, professional staffing agencies tend to focus on candidates who are actively looking for a job rather than talent who may be already employed elsewhere. Typically, a professional staffing agency is a better choice when you need to hire someone within a tight time frame.

Most professional staffing agencies can place candidates for either permanent, direct positions or for temporary roles. The agency team members are familiar with the skills and qualities of a successful executive and bring an extensive network of qualified professionals to the table. Given the impact of the professionals and executives placed, the right professional staffing agency can have an enormous positive impact on your organization.

How a Professional Staffing Agency Can Help Your Organization

Top professional staffing agencies have a large network and use comprehensive evaluation processes to find quality executives. They also have more hiring expertise than just about anyone else, enabling them to hone in on the qualities that matter for each position and find candidates within your timeframe and budget.

A staffing agency will also be able to:

  • Take care of much of the hiring paperwork, especially for temporary positions
  • Give you access to additional benefits such as payroll services or workers’ comp mitigation assistance
  • Help you avoid the potential cost of a bad hire
  • Provide consulting on employee engagement and retention

Many organizations do not have the time, network, or expertise to find an outstanding new professional employee within a short time frame. If your team is understaffed or struggling to find time to focus on the direct hiring process, you may want to seriously consider working with a professional staffing agency to speed up the hiring process.

Need Help With Professional or Administrative Staffing?

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