Direct Hire and Headhunting Services

We can help you find candidates within your timeframe and budget

LG Resources matches employers throughout the lower 48 states to high-caliber candidates for executive and professional roles, including software engineers and C-level executives. Need a direct hire an employee with highly specific skills? We’re here to help!

Why Choose LG for Executive and Professional Headhunting?

LG Resources uses comprehensive evaluation processes to recruit the highest caliber of candidates with the right skills and experience for each open role. Our clients benefit from customized staffing solutions, including direct-hire headhunting and recruiting, benefits management, and more.

Save Time and Money

LG Resources can help you find candidates within your timeframe and budget. When you work with us, you gain access to a vast pool of qualified candidates who are ready to get to work. By taking care of your staffing challenges and the accompanying paperwork, we give you the freedom to focus on what matters.

When you work with LG, you get more than just high-caliber candidates. Our partners enjoy access to a range of valuable benefits that can help your company save time and money, including access to our healthcare savings program, free payroll services, and workers’ comp mitigation assistance. With LG, you save more!

Professional Placement and Recruiting Solutions for U.S. Employers

C-level Executives

Are you looking for a CEO, CFO, CMO, or another high-level employee to lead your company? You need a candidate with the leadership and communication skills to take your organization to the next level. LG provides optimized recruiting services to help you find the perfect candidate who combines the experience you need with the personality and drive to succeed — and we can do it more cost-effectively than a typical headhunter.

Software Engineers

A great software engineering professional or team is an essential part of nearly any technical solution, from financial management systems to complex manufacturing processes. LG can help you find a candidate on your time frame with the right mix of skills to engineer solutions for your needs.


Whether you need a superintendent for your school, residential building, or construction site, LG Resources can provide a solution. We offer efficient recruiting services and comprehensive evaluation processes to find someone with the experience and skills you need.


Does your hospital or clinic need medical staff? LG Resources is here to help. We are connected to staffing and recruiting agencies across the U.S. and can connect you with a vast pool of qualified candidates for nursing and other roles.


It’s hard to keep a team going without a reliable, experienced foreman who has a knack for both leadership and organization. Our team has access to the tools and expertise to recruit qualified candidates with plenty of relevant experience.


Need a great engineer on your team? Reach out to LG today. Our recruiting team can help you find and attract engineering professionals who would be an excellent fit for your project.


Every business needs a good accountant. At LG, we know how to find high-caliber candidates with the skills and mindset you need. Whether you need someone who can fill in temporarily or a candidate for a long-term, full-time accounting role, you can count on us to exceed your expectations.



Many “headhunters” charge egregious fees for finding qualified candidates, and there may only be one person working on your candidate search. Not at LG: We charge 35-50% less than a typical headhunter and can complete your search faster. 

At our call centers, multiple agents will work on finding candidates for each client’s open positions. The leads are generated and moved up to Senior Recruiters, who make the final decision on submissions. Our system ensures quality all along the way. 

At LG, we don’t allow our efficiencies to diminish quality. You deserve both.


Do you want a role where your technical and people skills can shine? LG can help you find the right job that uses your talents. After you apply with us, we’ll alert you to new relevant job openings in your area so you can apply before anyone else.

At LG, we typically place candidates within a few days. Our organization has helped thousands of job seekers like you find employment opportunities that match their skills and experience.



What Our Clients Are Saying

“LG Resources screening and training process has significantly reduced the turnover and consistently provides the highest quality of candidates.”

– Current Client


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