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Last updated on December 21st, 2022 at 01:36 am

Recent events, such as the global pandemic, have left American warehouse and manufacturing employers searching for new employees and struggling to retain current ones. Employees are demanding different working conditions to feel safe and supported in their work environments.

As a warehouse or manufacturing company, you may need to make some changes to recruit and retain the best employees. In this article, we’ll discuss the best tips and tricks to engage with top warehouse and manufacturing workers in the job market.

Offer Competitive Pay

Many potential and current employees value pay over all else in the workplace. When attracting new applicants, offering salaries that exceed your competitors’ wages can make your company stand out from the rest.

Similarly, offering your current employees appropriate raises and retirement benefits can encourage their retention while making your company more appealing to newcomers.

Working with a quality staffing agency can help your company offer the best wages possible to attract your ideal potential employees. A staffing agency will have the most up-to-date, accurate knowledge about typical pay rates and how to attract more qualified candidates.

Improve Your Health and Wellness Benefits for Warehouse and Manufacturing Employees

The physical and mental well-being of your employees is the key to a successful business. The warehouse and manufacturing industries require employees to carry out numerous tasks, some of which can be difficult and dangerous.

Offering great healthcare packages and paid time off for injured employees will not only make your company more appealing to new employees, but also keep the employees who already work for you healthy and able. You may also want to offer discounts on other wellness-related services.

Be Flexible About Scheduling

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Work-life balance is essential to the mental health of your employees. While keeping rigid schedules can make managing your business easier, it can also deter employees if they feel they’re not being cared for. Offering flexible scheduling and allowing workers to have access to leisure time throughout the day is proven to help them stay focused.

Create Opportunities for Warehouse and Manufacturing Employees to Advance Their Careers

When hiring new employees, remember that a stagnant work environment is almost always going to push people away. Showing new hires that they have the opportunity to advance within the company will attract them to your business.

Employees who receive a promotion within the first 3 years of starting on the job are 70% more likely to stay at that company for additional years than those who don’t. If you want long-term employee retention, make sure you show employees that there is a secure future for them at your company.

Make a Safe, Appealing Warehouse and Manufacturing Work Environment

Employees need to feel safe and respected at work in order to carry out their jobs effectively. By increasing diversity in the workplace, you can help people of all cultures, genders, and backgrounds feel safe and accepted into your community.

Warehouse staffing agencies can help you diversify your workforce and make your business more appealing to a broader spectrum of candidates.

Want to Hire a Warehouse and Manufacturing Staffing Agency to Help?

If you are looking to hire new employees and retain current ones, you may want to consult a manufacturing and warehouse staffing agency. A staffing agency will know what other companies are doing to attract employees and how to make your organization more appealing to high-caliber candidates.

One of the fastest growing manufacturing and warehouse staffing agencies in the nation is LG Resources. We can help your distribution or manufacturing company take the next steps toward happy, healthy employees who will stay with you for decades.

Reach out to LG Resources today to better your company and its employees.