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Last updated on June 15th, 2021 at 10:27 pm

Is it ever too early to start thinking about seasonal hiring needs?

During the holiday rush, the last thing a production manager wants to be worried about is not having enough workers to complete the production load. Building and retaining a strong, well-trained, and committed labor force early on minimizes the tension and may also provide an advantage over the competition as order production is streamlined.

Many well-intending companies fail to recognize the value of looking for and retaining ‘seasonal’ workers before the influx of fall and winter orders roll in. Companies with large changes in production or service can greatly benefit from advanced planning and employee vetting throughout the entire year.

Part-time staff is the easiest place to begin building a company labor team in anticipation of the seasonal shifts. By utilizing the pool of employees already familiar with company procedures, shift managers can be confident they will be able to manage staff and achieve holiday quotas. Experienced individuals who have already been trained and tested on operational structures have been found to do better under pressure than a new hire.

Looking Ahead

Evaluating upcoming needs and predicting where you’ll have to make the most significant modifications in production or operations will help companies identify areas where additional employees will be needed. Start early to review areas like your production schedule; your production from the past year; and your existing coverage to predict your seasonal requirements.

Train Early

Taking time to teach and train temporary employees on job processes and procedures when they are hired enables them to know exactly what to do when quotas increase. Shift leads and supervisors who take time to coach temporary workers on how to do their jobs the proper way will find greater job satisfaction and an increased desire from temps to do a good job whenever they walk in.

See Who Shines

Temporary seasonal staff members not only provide companies with an added boost during the busy season, they also supply a pool of talent if full-time hiring needs arise down the road. From that point of view, you can look at seasonal work almost like a two- or three-month job interview.

It’s also essential to recognize both concrete and intangible accomplishments when making full-time employment decisions. For the workers who stood out, be sure to at least acknowledge you’ll consider them for full-time work if the opportunity arises.

Need help with seasonal staffing?

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