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3 Simple Ways To Change Your Mindset For Success

Henry Ford changed the car manufacturing industry forever when he developed the assembly line mode for auto production. Since then millions of people have worked on assembly lines to manufacture, box, and ship warehouse items.

Although born on a farm in Michigan, Henry Ford craved knowledge and desired to find ways to improve things around him. By age 13, he left farm life to gain more knowledge about mechanics. His belief about possibilities is what enabled him to create the Model-T and revolutionize the world in many ways.

One of his most famous quotes is: “Whether you think you can or you can not, you are right.”

Mr. Ford knew what most successful people know – mindset can make or break a person.

What Is Mindset?

Mindset is a collection of your thoughts, opinions and beliefs that further shapes your attitude towards a particular thing, event, or person.

Why Is Mindset Such A Big Deal?

How your mind is ‘set’ to operate (mind-set) can affect the outcome of your life by influencing all you experience.

A negative attitude comes from thinking negative thoughts over and over until they become part of your subconscious, part of your personality—they become the ‘setting’ in your mind that repeats over and over again.  Many people may not even realize they have a negativie attitude because they have become comfortable being uncomfortable.

The truth is, those with a bad attitude can typically expect failure and disaster because that is what their mind is ‘trained’ or ‘programmed’ to believe.

For example, have you ever thought:

  • It’s too hard…
  • Nothing goes right for me…
  • I’ll never be good enough…

If so, you’ve probably also quit a job, stopped a project, or felt like you couldn’t achieve what you wanted because of who you are. Negative expectations can literally turn a person into a magnet for failure and disaster.

Don’t worry – you’re not alone if that’s the case. Millions of people experience the same thing. But there is good news…


Yes, it takes work.

No, it won’t happen overnight.

But the benefits of changing your mindset are HUGE!

Imagine waking up believing that you are able to accomplish anything you desire in life; that life brings opportunities of abundance to you, or that your worth is unmeasurable.

Now, some people might say statements like that are lies. That’s the first sign of a negative mindset.

What if –  instead of lies – they are desires of your heart that you’re speaking into reality? (Positive mindset)

As Shawn Wickard said, ‘The opinion you believe will be the reality you’ll achieve.”

Choose wisely which opinions you believe.

3 Ways to Change Your Mindset

1.  Check Your Thoughts

It’s been estimated that the human mind has over 70,000 thoughts each day. Yet how many people stop to really decide what thoughts they want to keep and which ones are part of a negative mindset?

A simple way to see what you believe about yourself (mindset) is to start writing down the thoughts that come into your mind. You may be VERY surprised at what you discover as you write.

Recognizing thought patterns or random thoughts throughout the day can open your eyes to the mind-settings you have aquired on a subconscious level.

2. Play The ‘Keep or Reject’ Game

Once you’ve discovered your daily thoughts by writing them down – it’s simple to begin switching out the bad thoughts with the good by deciding if you want to Keep or Reject them. Yes, it’s a choice!

If you choose to reject negative thoughts, it’s important to state outloud what you DO want think instead.

For example, if the thought of ‘it’s too hard’ comes to mind and you want to reject it. Say outloud, ‘I can do hard things’.

Repetition is the key to success here, because your brain identifies repetition as what is most important to you and believes anything that comes out of your mouth. The more you repeat positive thoughts, words and actions, the more your brain recognizes the new way of thinking, speaking, and acting as what you really desire. Over time, the brain will begin to ‘auto-correct’ negativity, and you will be surprised to have more positive thoughts.

3. Focus On The Good

There is not such thing as a perfect day. Almost invariably, you’re going to encounter obstacles throughout the day—but how you choose to respond to those obstacles will determine the final outcome.

Events + Response = Outcome (Jack Canfield)

When you encounter such a challenge, choose to focus on the benefits, no matter how small or unimportant they seem. Doing so helps train your brain to find happiness in the little things of life. It also helps eliminate excess stress and drama.

For example, if you get stuck in traffic, think about how you now have time to listen to the rest of your favorite podcast.

As you start applying these three simple techniques in your life, over time you’ll see your attitude shift into one that is more positive as you create new ‘settings’ for your mind and your life.

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