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Earn a Commission By Helping Employers Save

Earn money by helping business owners find great deals on every part of their operations. As an LG Resources Broker, you can receive a commission by referring CEOs and other relevant parties to our cost-saving solutions.

At LG Resources, we help employers save

time and money on:

networking and staffing

We match employers with great candidates for general and skilled labor, clerical, and professional jobs. Our high-caliber employees will help you boost productivity!

healthcare staffing
Preventative Health Benefits

Our health benefits solutions are tax advantaged so you can keep employees healthy at little to no net cost.

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Other Employee Benefits

We’ve been helping employers like you attract and retain great employees, improve efficiency, qualify for tax credits, and save on employee benefits services for years. 

Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement

We offer consulting and other resources to help you create a more engaged workforce. We can help you reduce the costs of quiet quitting and turnover.

Employee Retention Credit (ERC)
Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

Our ERC specialists team can help you maximize this tax credit and get up to $26,000 per employee.

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Other Tax and Expense Reductions

Our technology uncovers billing errors, overcharges, and specialized tax incentives.

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Workers’ Comp Mitigation

Save more with comprehensive workplace evaluations, better claim management, and lower premiums.

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Health Savings Programs

LG Resources clients can gain access to our health savings program, LG Advantage, for $20/month or less. 

Payroll Services

Managing payroll can be time-consuming. With LG, you don’t have to worry about it. 

IT and tech staffing
Accounting & CPA Services

Gain the skilled resources you need to assist with your back-office needs.

Merchant Processing

Get technology solutions to help facilitate a safe environment and effective operations.

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Green Energy

Reduce your energy costs and find renewable options that work for your properties — all with no capital expenses.

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And more!

Our brokers earn variable commissions based on project type and qualifications. You may earn thousands of dollars for brokering a typical deal, potentially six figures or more on the largest projects. The more deals you broker, the more you earn!

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