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Why a Staffing Agency May Be the Secret to Higher Productivity

Productivity is more than a buzzword: It’s one of the top concerns for just about everyone in the working world. Unfortunately, the advice you see in articles and on social platforms is often vague and unhelpful (“Learn how to delegate!”). It’s hard to figure out what will actually make a difference for your company.

While we can’t tell you which app will make your team most productive, we can help you streamline and save on one major timesink: the hiring process. The secret to higher productivity during talent acquisition is to get help from a staffing agency that can do the job faster without sacrificing candidate quality.

Staffing Agencies Reduce the Hiring Time Lag

For many companies, hiring takes an enormous amount of time because the staff in charge of the process are already busy with other tasks. It’s hard to make time to sift through candidates when you’re down a team member (or several), and meanwhile, overtime hours from your current employees are piling up. The faster you can hire, the better it will be for your company’s bottom line and continued productivity.

Staffing agencies can often cut your hiring time down to the same day, depending on your needs. They have access to a wide pool of pre-qualified candidates who are ready to work, making it that much easier to quickly find what you need. All you have to do is tell the agency what you’re looking for, and they’ll take care of the interviewing process and paperwork.

Staffing Agencies Can Find Better Candidates

No one is more experienced at hiring than a staffing agency. These organizations have highly refined vetting and training processes so they can help their clients enjoy more productivity from day one. When you need higher caliber candidates, hiring an agency is a much better bet than trying to do everything on your own.

What’s more, staffing agencies often have access to a larger pool of ready-to-work candidates than you do. If you need someone with a specific skill set, a staffing agency is likely to have several qualified candidates they can get in touch with right away. You can feel confident that your organization is getting the best possible hire.

Staffing Agencies Allow You to Avoid the Cost of a Bad Hire

Having to hire a second time after the first hire doesn’t work out is incredibly expensive. Luckily, you can avoid this problem when you work with a staffing agency. Many agencies have policies that allow client companies to try a new employee or get their money back if the first employee doesn’t work out. You can also “road test” an employee for a permanent position by hiring them as a temp-to-hire through a staffing agency.

Besides, staffing agency candidates are often less likely to hire the wrong person in the first place. With their extensive hiring experience, you can be sure the agency has effective processes for filtering through candidates. Many companies find that working with a staffing agency helps them get out of the costly cycle of hiring, training, and then losing new staff members.

Staffing Agencies Can Do the Training For You

When you hire a new worker, it usually takes a fair amount of time to train them for the new position. The person who is training them has to take time off of their usual work to do so, and even then, it takes some time for the new hire to become productive.

That’s where hiring a staffing agency can make a huge difference. Depending on the position, the agency can do the training for you — and since they most likely found a more qualified candidate, there might not be as much training to do anyway. Most specialized staffing agencies are very familiar with the jobs they hire for and have excellent training processes in place. All in all, you’ll find that much less time is taken out of immediately productive work.

Staffing Agencies Have Expertise in Employee Engagement

A good staffing strategy goes far beyond sourcing, hiring, and training. You need your employees to be engaged at work to achieve the productivity you desire. To ensure their clients can get that kind of productivity, many staffing agencies make a point of developing expertise in engagement as well as the hiring process.

As a staffing agency partner, you will be able to leverage the agency’s expertise to improve engagement at your company. If you choose, the staffing agency can identify areas where your organization can improve and share ideas for improving the company culture. Many companies see a noticeable increase in both employee satisfaction and productivity after working with a staffing agency for a time.

If engagement seems like a ”mushy” concern, consider this: Teams with highly engaged employees are 21% more profitable than teams whose employees are not engaged. Your organization can’t afford to miss out on those savings!

Staffing Agencies Give You Flexibility

Here’s a little secret: When you find temp employees through a staffing agency, they’re technically the agency’s employee, not yours. That means you are not responsible for handling their payroll, taxes, and other paperwork. More importantly, it means you have much more flexibility to staff when you need the extra help and save money when you don’t.

Staffing agencies are the perfect solution for shifting or seasonal workforce needs. When you need extra coverage for sick leaves, vacation time, maternity leaves, or surges in business, you have a go-to option to quickly get some extra hands. It’s like having extra staff on call.

Staffing Agencies Free Up Your Time

Most of all, staffing agencies allow you to save time on every part of the hiring process. You don’t have to spend hours combing through resumes, interviewing candidates, or dealing with hiring-related paperwork, which means you’re free to focus on what really matters for your organization.

If you feel stressed about hiring, that may mean it’s time to find a staffing agency to help. Just think about the load off your shoulders!

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