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Clerical Staffing


We Find the Right Employee For Every Role

LG Resources matches employers with highly qualified clerical workers who have the specialized skills they need. We help companies nationally from our local offices in Salt Lake, Weber, and Davis Utah as well as Kansas City, Kansas.

Why Choose LG For Clerical Staffing?

LG Resources has access to a wide range of talent and uses comprehensive candidate evaluation processes, enabling us to find the right employee for every role. Whether you are looking for a highly experienced long-term office manager or a few well-spoken temp employees to staff your call center, we can find the perfect match.

Explore Our Employer Benefits

When you work with LG, you get more than just high-caliber candidates. Our partners have access to a range of valuable benefits that can help your company save time and money, including:

  • Healthcare savings for $20/month or less per employee, including discounts on vision, dental, surgery, telemedicine, and more to underwrite your existing health plan
  • Payroll services at no additional cost
  • Workplace evaluation and workers’ comp mitigation services to help you save up to 40% on your premium payments

Data Entry

For data entry, you can’t hire just anyone. You need candidates who have a high degree of computer literacy, knowledge of grammar and punctuation, attention to detail, the ability to work within time constraints, and familiarity with software like Quickbooks in some cases. The LG Resources team is here to help you find these candidates and enjoy smooth, efficient operations.


Need a receptionist with good people and organization skills? LG Resources can help. Tell us what skills and qualities you are looking for, and we’ll find a qualified, enthusiastic candidate who is ready to start work as soon as you need.

Customer Service

Your customers don't care how great your product is if your service is lacking. You need customer service representatives who can demonstrate people skills, patience, communication, time management, and problem-solving abilities. With LG, it’s easy to find high-caliber candidates for both temp and permanent roles.


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Other Clerical Staff

LG has the right expertise and experience to find the best candidates for a broad range of clerical roles.


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