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How to Find the Right Talent for Your Warehouse

As a warehouse employer, it can be difficult to find the right talent for the job. You’re likely competing with other logistics companies and even companies in other industries for the same talent pool. At the same time, the rapid expansion of eCommerce means you likely need warehouse workers more than ever.

Luckily, there are a few ways to give your company an edge in the talent competition and attract the job seekers you are looking for:

Know the Going Rates When Hiring Warehouse Talent

Your competitors will steal your best candidates if you can’t pay a competitive wage. 

Like job seekers in other industries, warehouse workers are likely to go with the employer that best enables them to support themselves and their families when given the choice. Offering higher-than-average wages allows you to attract a better caliber of candidates. You’ll get more applications from candidates with the skills and work ethic you’re looking for, and they’ll be more likely to agree to your job offer.

Staying on top of the going rates in your market can help you make a competitive offer. If you’ve been having more trouble finding good candidates in the past few years, it may be that your rates have not kept up with other employers in your area. Even if you can’t afford to pay top dollar, knowing what your competitors pay will allow you to avoid unknowingly making an unattractive offer.

Check with a local staffing agency to find out what other employers are paying for jobs in your area. Many popular wage information websites include out-of-date information in their estimates, and you may need to pay more to attract warehouse labor this season.

In addition to hourly rates, it’s important to consider non-wage forms of compensation, like health insurance and schedule flexibility. For most employees, better health, dental, and vision insurance were the most desirable benefit even before the pandemic hit.

Start Searching for Warehouse Talent Now

Many warehousing recruiters begin the recruiting process near the last minute. They wait until they’re almost at their workload peak to find candidates, only to find the talent pool has shrunk and they have to scramble to find someone passable. 

Ideally, you should have new workers on the job for at least a couple of weeks before your peak, maybe even months in advance for the holidays. You can still find quality last-minute candidates for many jobs through a staffing agency, but you may find that you get even better candidates if you start working with the agency earlier.

Beginning the recruiting process sooner rather than later allows you to take the time to properly interview and screen candidates. You don’t want to rush through that if you don’t have to!

Work With a Local Warehouse Staffing Agency

A staffing agency can greatly simplify the hiring process for you, especially if you are in a bit of a time crunch. Most staffing agencies have a broad network of candidates and connections who would love to work with you.

Here are just a few of the ways a staffing agency can benefit your business:

  • Giving you access to a wide range of talent in your industry
  • Speeding up the hiring process by making your talent search their full-time job
  • Saving you time by handling payroll taxes, workers compensation, and other paperwork
  • Allowing you to adjust your workforce with temporary and new permanent employees based on evolving business demands

If you have open warehouse positions and are looking for candidates in Utah or Kansas City, get in touch with LG Resources today. Our strong emphasis on providing and screening high-caliber candidates often leads to an increase in production and retention for our partners.

Let LG exceed your expectations!

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