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Is it Time to Hire More Workers? Here’s How to Tell

For some, hiring more workers is an exciting prospect. Infusing your workplace with new faces and (hopefully) new enthusiasm can do wonders for even highest-functioning teams. At the same time, hiring can be a scary, difficult, and even painful process. However, it doesn’t have to be. 

By correctly identifying the right time to hire more workers, you can set yourself up for success and make the entire process easier. 

When Should I Hire More Workers?

Most often, companies hire because their teams are reporting that they are over capacity or understaffed. But this likely means you already waited too long to begin the hiring process, putting undue stress on yourself and the team you are hiring for. 

The hiring process should anticipate need, not just react to it. Here are some indicators that you should add hiring to your to-do list. 

An Increase in Customer Complaints

If customer feedback takes a noticeable turn for the worse, this suggests a change in the customer experience. If you can trace this back to one or more steps of the customer journey, you will likely find a gap in staffing. 

Common causes include a lack of training, employees being hurried or rushed in their work, or a lack of organization. All of these problems can often be traced back to a need to hire additional workers or more experienced team leads or managers. 

Ignoring this need, or waiting too long to provide additional resources can result in bad reviews or even lost customers. 

More Overtime Work

This may seem a little obvious, but if your employees are taking more overtime, that means they have more work than they can take care of in their normal working hours. Overtime costs add up fast and lead to worker burnout and increased turnover. It is important to stay ahead of the problem and start hiring as soon as overtime spikes. 

More Sick Days

Sometimes an increase in sick days just means it is flu season, but it can also mean your employees are overworked and stressed. Either way, increasing your employee roster slightly can’t hurt. 

Sales Projections

This is an obvious one. If you know sales are going up, start the hiring process now before your delivery and support teams are swamped. Getting even a few weeks ahead allows you to hire and begin training new team members before the rush. 

Quick Tips for Hiring More Workers

While starting the hiring process at the right time can be a great tool to avoid overloading, using some of these tips can help you hire the right people at the right time. 

Work with a Local Staffing Agency 

Partnering with a staffing agency can simplify and streamline the hiring process by providing qualified and pre-vetted candidates quickly and efficiently. Even if you have had success handling hiring internally, partnering with a local staffing agency can free up time and save money. By providing temporary or long-term staffing on short notice, you don’t have to worry about recruiting or stress about planning far ahead. 

Hire Administrative Assistants for Managers

Are multiple managers overworked or bogged down in paperwork? Hiring an administrative or clerical assistant can be a great and cost-effective way to help them out. 

Hiring additional managers can be expensive and inefficient, often requiring duties to be re-assigned. On the other hand, one administrative assistant can help several managers and offer much more cost-effective help. 

A Local Staffing Agency for Utah and Beyond

LG Resources provides high-quality staffing for businesses in Utah and now Kansas City. We believe in partnering with employers to create customized staffing solutions that fit their needs and goals. Our workers are pre-vetted and qualified, ready to provide the best temporary or long-term staffing.

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