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Is Your Competition Stealing Your Candidates?

With today’s low unemployment rates, filling work positions is no easy task. As experienced recruiters, LG Resources works diligently to help our clients obtain temporary employees to meet work-load demand and increase productivity.

Our efforts are best supported when we are able to work alongside clients who have an understanding of why employees might leave a job site, and what they can do to maximize their ‘offer’ so employees are more enticed to stay.

Why Employees Leave

Employees may leave a job site for a variety of reasons, but these three areas seem to be the most prevalent when it comes to low employee retention:

Feeling Segregated From Full-Time Employees

Temporary workers desire to feel accepted, included and appreciated for their work. When companies fail to integrate temporary workers into their company culture and acknowledge them as part of the company team, it’s more likely for individuals to feel undervalued – especially when they are working the same job as full-time employees.

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Bad Management

According to the Bad Boss Index, 44 percent of employees who have left a job said that their manager, onsite lead, or mismanagement of work-related behavioral issues was the primary reason for leaving. Talking with temporary employees and asking them about managerial performance is one way to getting insight into overall management performance, while also helping the employee to feel that their opinion matters.

Temporary employees talk with each other and share details about companies they work for (the good and the bad). Maintaining good management is an essential element to retain quality employees.

5 things employees dislike most about management:

  1. They take credit for your work
  2. Doesn’t appear to empower or trust you
  3. Doesn’t appear to care if you’re overworked
  4. Doesn’t appear to advocate for you when it comes to compensation
  5. Hires/promotes the wrong people

However, employees are most likely to stay at a job site when a skilled manager:

  1. Provides praise for a job well done
  2. Expresses trust by offering new positions with more responsibility
  3. Includes everyone on the work floor in discussions and work-related activities
  4. Acknowledges good behavior and work ethic openly
  5. Asks for employee insight to determine the best candidates for promotion


According to most temporary employees, pay rates are often the highest determining factor when deciding what job to take. Clients who fail to maintain the average compensation rates for the local area are more likely to struggle filling positions and retaining employees, despite the best efforts of recruiters.

However, those who choose to match (or exceed) the pay rates of local competitors find that their workforce grows substantially faster and employees are maintained longer thus increasing their overall productivity and ROI. Even a small difference of $.50 or $1.00 can mean the difference in attracting skilled temp workers, as well as increasing the level of retention.


While losing employees to competition can be aggravating,  taking steps to address areas that you can control like boosting employee engagement, creating a great place to work, and possibly increasing pay rates to match competitors will provide you with higher employee loyalty and the potential to grow your workforce faster than ever before.

Partner with LG Resources!

At LG, we work with clients to make sure their rates are comparable to local competitors and that workers are fully integrated and as productive as possible. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your company.

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