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How To Improve Your Temporary Employee Work Force

Including Temporary Employees In Company Culture

Most companies desire to get the most out of their temporary employees but often overlook a simple but highly effective way to accomplish just that: including temporary employees in company culture.

A barrier often exists between temporary workers and full-time staff due to the stigma of temporary positions yet employers typically expect their temporary staff members to be just as competent and hardworking as their full-time staff. With that expectation, why would temporary workers be treated any less than full-time staff?

By including temporary employees in company culture activities; (e.g., when lunch is brought in, or performance rewards are given out), gives temporary employees the opportunity to feel like they are part of ‘the team’ and builds greater loyalty to the company.  Feeling included at the most basic level is a great way to motivate and encourage temporary employees to perform at a higher level.

Failing to include temporary workers – especially in onsite activities and rewards – can lead to frustration, hurt feelings, and believing that they are of less value than other employees who are doing the same job they are.

It helps to remember that temporary workers are brought in to make up for a shortage in the company workforce or meet high production demands and often desire to become part of the full-time staff.   By extending a welcoming culture, companies are more likely to receive high performance and loyalty.

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Temps Talk

In today’s digital age, opinions about an employer spread quickly, especially with social media and employer review sites.  Temporary employees who feel welcomed are more likely to promote their employer (brand recognition) than those who feel like outsiders, while those who feel neglected are most likely to spread negativity about the company, brand, and culture.

With this in mind, the following recommendations are suggested when working with temporary employees.

Create A Workforce Engagement Protocol

Due to the ongoing low unemployment rate trend, more and more companies are increasingly relying on temporary workers to achieve business needs.  Therefore, developing a comprehensive workforce engagement protocol sets the standards for management to follow when working, communicating, and integrating temporary workers into company culture.

Once a Workplace Engagement Protocol is in place, it’s important to discuss action items with supervisors and managers so they understand why inclusion is important to the growth and benefit of the company.

Apply The Golden Rule

Encourage on-site managers to treat temporary employees with the same respect they give full-time employees. By removing the stigma of full-time vs temporary, both current employees and temporary employees are more likely to work together without division which typically results in an increase in overall productivity.

Make it a priority to invite temporary workers to any employee gathering and conduct onboarding efforts the same as you would with new full-time employees. This inclusion is the ‘secret sauce’ that has enabled successful companies to retain quality employees and grow substantially due to improved work productivity.

Ask For Input

Asking temporary employees about how they perceive their role in the company can provide insight into how company culture is perceived. Feeling included in opportunities to provide feedback often gives temporary employees a feeling of ‘belonging’ and that their opinions matter.

Being able to speak with onsite management strengthens the employees desire to participate as a team player. It’s also a great way to discover more about the temporary employee to see if they are a good fit for potential hire.

Following these suggestions can increase loyalty to company branding and motivate temporary employees to do their best work.

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