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Pros And Cons Of Working With a Staffing Agency to Find Talent

Do you require a new worker to fill a vacant position in your office, or have a trusted administrative assistant who will be on leave for a few months? When you need to find a skilled person for the job, and fast, hiring a staffing agency might be the right way forward for your company.


An office staffing agency is an agency whose purpose is to find the perfect candidate for their client’s open clerical positions. Agents have one finger on their client’s pulse and one on the current industry trends and knowledge, which informs their candidate selection process. They also have the connections in place that enable them to find the exact type of worker the company requires.

Whether for full-time or temporary work, an office staffing agency will expediently locate, screen, and present candidates for the position when and where the client needs it.


The process begins when employers reach out to the staffing agency. They will exchange the pertinent information with each other and the agency will write out the job description and promote it to their worker pool.

Agents will then hand-pick the candidates they believe will be the best fit. This includes looking at education, qualifications, references, and even interviewing the prospective candidates. After an intense screening, they will bring the most qualified candidates to your company’s hiring manager.

The client makes the final hiring decision, and the agency will take care of most of the paperwork. Every staffing agency is slightly different and specializes in hiring workers in specific fields, so make sure you find the right staffing agency for your company’s unique needs.


There are many advantages of working with an office staffing agency:

  • A staffing agency saves your company time and money. Staffing agencies are resourceful since they have access to a large staffing pool that they can pull from for any open position that needs filling.
  • If you find yourself suddenly in need of a temporary worker, the agency will take care of the opening and send you qualified candidates faster than your company’s hiring managers usually can.
  • Agencies make it easier to hire people temporarily and do a “trial-run,” allowing the client the opportunity to gauge the worker’s ability before deciding if they want to hire them full-time.

However, there are some downsides to working with a staffing agency, especially when it comes to hiring temporary employees:

  • The company has less control over the hiring process since the agency does most of the work for them.
  • It takes time and resources to train new workers, even through a staffing agency, and it might not seem worth the effort if they will only be with the company for a short period of time.
  • Once hired, a temporary worker might not feel as connected with the company as the other employees since they will not be working there long or know they might be let go after the trial period. This feeling can be exacerbated if they don’t receive the same pay and benefits as full-time workers.


Office staffing agencies will bend over backwards to find the right candidate for the position you’re hiring for. It is a quick and efficient way to fill job openings that may open suddenly, taking the pressure off your hiring committee and allowing them to focus on other, more important tasks.

Most staffing agency recruiters have the experience to intuitively know what qualities you are looking for in an applicant. Agencies such as LG Resources that specialize in clerical staffing have a large pool of qualified candidates, and they are committed to finding the right person with the right skills for your company.

Looking for skilled clerical workers to fill your company’s office? Whether you’re looking for receptionists, customer service specialists, data entry clerks, or other office workers, LG Resources offers office staffing services for your workforce needs. Reach out to us today!

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