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The Best U.S. Staffing Agencies to Fill Your Construction Jobs

If you’re in the construction industry, you know how important it is to find qualified candidates who are an asset to your team and project. Sometimes, one wrong hire or unfit employee can negatively affect the quality of your team’s work and the end result of a project. 

Staffing agencies for construction jobs can help ensure your construction company maintains its excellent reputation by connecting you with the best construction workers to fill your open job listing. 




Doing your research before hiring a staffing agency is always recommended. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of staffing agencies for construction jobs, which makes it challenging to know which option is the best for you, your company, and your existing team.

Below are five great staffing agencies that can help you get connected with excellent construction talent fast:


LG Resources recruits a wide range of talent across an array of industries, including construction. They are well equipped to help you find talented construction staff, such as carpenters, plumbers, welders, site maintenance workers, electricians, and so many more.

Their knowledgeable recruiting team and comprehensive screening process allow them to find excellent candidates for all kinds of roles. They can help with long-term, permanent, temporary, contract, and customized staffing solutions.

In addition, they offer perks such as:

  • Access to their healthcare savings program, which provides discounts on vision, telemedicine, dental, surgery, and more
  • Free payroll services for specific partners
  • Worker’s comp mitigation services
  • Help with qualifying for tax credits

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Minute Men Staffing Services has been helping companies find qualified applicants for over 50 years. They specialize in connecting employees to businesses with a variety of talent needs, from general labor to skilled machine operators.

They offer services such as:

  • Contingent and temporary staffing needs
  • Long-term staffing needs
  • Long-lasting and stable employees for permanent positions
  • Assistance with employment-related administrative responsibilities and payroll services
  • Customized on-site recruitment and management


People Ready is one of the successful staffing agencies for construction jobs. They value your goals and needs during the hiring process and are driven to match you with the perfect candidate in a timely, efficient manner.

The team at People Ready offer unique assistance when you work with them, such as:

  • A mobile app, Jobstack, can help you find workers 24/7, even on nights and weekends.
  • Managing your project from one central source to make sure it is streamlined and organized
  • An expansive geographic footprint, with experience working with customers in over 600 communities across the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico


Trillium Staffing has placed thousands of people annually for more than 35 years. They use unique screening methods to find top-quality candidates with industry-specific expertise. They also match employees to employers looking to fill temporary, contract, or permanent positions.

Trillium Staffing offers a variety of practical advantages, such as:

  • Connecting you with a network of more than 90 branch offices across the country, which have helped more than 22,000 companies
  • Obtaining employment records, handling all payments, offering payroll services and deductions, unemployment taxes, and workers’ compensation insurance
  • Offering a wide range of training and testing to help match you with the perfect candidate


Monster is a leader in the pool of staffing agencies for construction jobs. For over 25 years, Monster has transformed how employees and employers find one another. In addition, they offer an innovative app that can help users access their services 24/7.

At Monster, they encourage job seekers and employees alike to be their authentic selves by:

  • Increasing the percentage of workers at Monster that belong to a minority group
  • Empowering all users to do great things by supplying them with the needed tools and resources
  • Offering inclusion training

If you’re looking to find the best staffing agency for construction jobs, consider LG Resources. Our dedicated team will help you find the perfect candidates to fill your open job listing. Request an employee today!


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