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Introducing: LG Employee Benefits Consulting

When you’re setting up or adding to your employee benefits package, it can be hard to navigate all the different options. You want to create a generous program that will attract and retain the best employees, but you also want to make sure you aren’t spending money on benefits your employees don’t care about or missing out on tax savings.

LG Resource’s Employee Benefits Consulting service makes it easy to set up an impressive benefits package that will attract high-caliber, experienced employees. Our knowledgeable consultants will save you money while helping your employees plan for their health and futures.


LG Resources’ employee benefits consulting services can help you save on the best possible benefits for your team in order to reward, retain, and attract quality employees.


Our benefits service can help you set up individual retirement accounts, including employer-sponsored, self-employed, and small business owner plans.

Providing a retirement program like a 401(k) match, SEP IRA, or Simple IRA can be vital to retaining and recruiting employees.


The ERC stimulus program is designed to help businesses retain employees throughout the pandemic. Unfortunately, the program is underutilized due to intricate tax codes and qualifications.

LG Resource’s employee benefits consulting can help you and your business access the critical tax credits you may not have known existed.




LG Resources offers group rates for essential benefits, including:

  • Disability
  • Critical illness
  • Accident insurance
  • Pet coverage
  • Identity theft protection
  • Legal services
  • Financial counseling

Our benefits services can be offered through the employer but paid partially or separately by employees through a payroll deferral.


LG’s Consulting Services can aid in setting up LLH Small Group benefits that will both improve health benefits to your employees and provide the employer with important tax incentives. 

Comprehensive health benefits will ensure your employees continue to be happy, healthy, and productive well into the future.


Debt, including student debt, keeps millions of people from accessing the opportunities that being debt-free can provide. Many of your employees may be worried about paying off enough debt to finance a home or free up their paychecks for other expenses.

LG Resources’ employee benefits consulting services can work with you to set up a package that will help your employees reduce and eliminate student debt. With debt-related benefits, more of your employees can access a wide range of current and future opportunities.


Executive Bonus Plans, or Section 162 Plans, can help provide extra compensation to vital employees. In addition, our consulting program can help you set up a program that motivates your employees to continue to accomplish more every year.


Key person insurance is a financial cushion to help offset the costs when an employee leaves suddenly or is fired. 

Setting up key person insurance through our benefits consulting program can provide the funds needed to find a replacement or to save your business.




Premium financing is a proactive strategy that combines financing and life insurance. It is designed to help you and your team ensure a comfortable lifestyle after your eventual retirement and can also protect future income.

LG Resource’s consulting services can ensure protection and retirement income potential without leverage.


Estate planning is offered as part of LG Resource’s employee benefit consulting services.

Estate planning can provide you and your employees with company-wide assurance that all assets, pets, medical wishes, legacies, and children’s guardianships will be decided upon individually, without the court system involved.


Unfortunately, financing and how money works aren’t often taught in school. At LG Resources, we provide on-site and remote financial literacy workshops led by financial educators to help your employees plan for their futures.


LG Resources is dedicated to helping employers like you retain and attract qualified employees. Our benefits consulting program can improve employee efficiency, help you and your team qualify for tax credits, and save on employee benefits services.

Your employee benefits package can be easily set up in three steps:

  1. Get in touch with an LG Resources consultant
  2. Our consultant will help guide you through your benefits options and savings strategies
  3. Set up your unique benefits program that will serve you and your employee for years to come

Are you interested in seeing what LG Resources benefits consulting program can do for you and your business? Get in touch to start creating a benefits program that you and your employees will love.


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