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How LG Resources Serves The Community

LG Resources is proud to support community organizations that assist local individuals with growth and personal development. From volunteering to serve hot meals at a local homeless shelter to helping provide PPE to charitable organizations during COVID-19, we do our best to serve our community however we can.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“During LG’s time here they have been able to greatly reduce labor costs by reducing turnover and providing significantly more qualified candidates. Their customer service, productivity, emergency response and sight representation are constantly exceeding expectations. I would recommend them as a value added to any company.”

– Current Client

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12 Tips for Recruiting All-Star Professionals in the Pandemic Era

12 Tips for Recruiting All-Star Professionals in the Pandemic Era

Top candidates are currently searching for the words “remote” and “work from home” during their job search. That means remote or hybrid work has to be an option if a company wants to attract all available talent. But that’s not the only change that has occurred in the past couple of years!

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