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Need More Income? Become an ERC Broker With LG Resources

Ready to earn a six-figure income or more this year? Do you have top-notch people skills? LG Resources has an opportunity for you! 


Our ERC Broker program lets you earn money by referring CEOs to our ERC tax credit assistance program. As a broker, your role is to contact a CEO, book a 15-minute 3-way appointment, and then let our team present to the CEO.

Many organizations are eligible to earn millions of dollars’ worth of IRS returns through the ERC tax credit, but aren’t aware or are too confused by the details to apply. As an ERC broker, you can help CEOs find out about the ERC opportunities they’re missing.

From there, our team helps the CEO find out what their organization qualifies for, apply for the credit, and get funding as fast as possible. In return, LG Resources receives a commission. As an LG Resources ERC broker, you earn a 2% commission on each referred organization’s ERC credit. 

The ERC tax credit rewards companies that kept people employed during the pandemic. It gives them a refundable tax credit based on the wages paid to eligible employees if pandemic restrictions impacted their business. As an ERC broker, you can help companies that stayed loyal to their employees even after COVID-19 hit.

Most companies are eligible for the ERC if any of the following applies:

  • The government forced them (or their suppliers) to partially shut down during COVID.
  • They were under special restrictions that affected staffing ability.
  • They saw their sales decline. 
  • They were affected by social distancing requirements.
  • They reassigned employees to non-revenue generating activities.
  • They otherwise saw limited workflow and productivity in 2020 and/or 2021.

If you know any CEOs with 20-500 full-time and/or part-time W-2 paid employees, you’re a great candidate to become an ERC broker! There’s no cost until LG Resources gets the ERC for the CEOs you refer, so you’re not taking on any risk.




The average ERC deal we process at LG Resources gives the client an average credit amount of $275,000. With a 2% commission, you earn an average of $5,500 per deal. If you refer a CEO whose company is eligible for a larger deal, you can earn much more.

The more eligible CEOs you find and refer to our program, the more you make! Some of our top brokers have earned 7-figure incomes in a year.


Abundance still exists, even in uncertain economic times. As an ERC broker, you can share in the abundance by helping the organizations that kept people employed in 2020 and 2021.

The ERC can lead to extremely large IRS refunds, so you can earn a large sum of money — maybe even enough to break the 7-figure threshold. Again, the more CEOs you help and the more they are eligible to get back from the IRS, the more you yourself make.

To become an ERC broker, you just need to sign our Broker Agreement and review our detailed video overview and welcome presentation. 


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