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3 Common Warehouse Staffing Issues and How to Solve Them

If you’re in charge of running a warehouse, you know how important it is to have reliable, experienced, and long-lasting employees. But, unfortunately, it’s not always that easy.

Are you finding yourself having difficulty keeping or attracting the right warehouse workers? We’re here to break down the three most common warehouse staffing issues and the best ways for you to tackle each problem, one by one.


You may be attracting some potential warehouse staff, but they may not have the skills or attitude your workplace needs.

It’s important to attract the right warehouse workers for the job. To do so, you may need to implement some new strategies.


Change the Warehouse Staff Job Description

The job description on your listing may be unclear to your potential hires, attracting talent that doesn’t quite make the cut rather than those with the skills you need.

Consider editing your job description to make the responsibilities and requirements more straightforward and attract the best warehouse staff for each position.

Offer Higher Pay

When employees decide which job to take, they often focus on one major factor: their salary or wages.

Do some research to find out what other companies are offering their employees. Then, offer competitive pay so that you can stand out against competitors.

Get a Staffing Agency’s Help

When looking to attract the right warehouse workers, hiring a warehouse staffing agency can ensure that you get interviews with quality candidates. In addition, staffing agencies can take the pressure off of you during the hiring process.




Losing your most experienced and skilled warehouse staff members can be a blow to your entire system.

Is your turnover rate too high? These solutions may help.


Do Employee Exit Surveys

An exit survey can be a tremendous asset when working on retaining talent for the long run.

When an employee announces that they are leaving your company, schedule a meeting with them to discuss their time at your company. What were their positive and negative experiences? Ask for honest feedback for you to use as a tool in the future.

Focus on Employee Engagement

The pandemic has changed the workforce. As a result, employee engagement relies on different strategies than the years before.

Improve warehouse staff engagement by showing your employees that they can advance in their careers by offering promotions, setting goals, or giving positive reinforcement. Ensuring that your employees don’t feel like they’re working in a stagnant work environment can keep them satisfied in their job.

Improve Workplace Health and Safety

Employees may consider staying at a job longer if they feel they are being taken care of at their place of work.

Make sure your warehouse is a safe and friendly work environment for employees of all backgrounds by diversifying your employees. A qualified staffing agency can help you expand and diversify your workforce.

Create Work Schedules That Support Better Work-Life Balance

Supporting a work-life balance for your employees is incredibly important if you want to ensure warehouse staff retainment.

Flexible scheduling can allow employees to feel taken care of and help them work more efficiently and effectively when they are on the clock.


Finding the best warehouse staff takes time that you may not have. However, there are organizations that can help you tackle your problem.


Hire a Warehouse Staffing Agency

Warehouse staffing agencies are the best way to free up your time during the hiring process, connect with the perfect warehouse staff, and ultimately create a fully staffed, diversified, and safe workplace for all.

Staffing agents work to help you assemble a team of experienced and hard-working employees that are in it for the long run. They can help you connect with a wider range of candidates and find people with skills that match your company’s needs.




Warehouse staffing issues can be a true headache. However, at LG Resources, we know that finding the right staff for your company is the key to your company’s success.

If you want to connect with the best warehouse staff in the job market, reach out to our team today. Our partners often see increased production and retention after our agents match them with their new hires.


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