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Engage Your Employees With Life Engineering

Could your team use an employee engagement boost? LG has partnered with Life Engineering to give you the tools you need.

Life Engineering provides science-based personal development software. Their program gives you employee engagement and HR resources so you can “put the force of work back into the workforce.”

Are you interested in hearing more about what LG Resources and Life Engineering can do for your business? We’re going to cover everything you need to know.


Life Engineering is a science-based Engagement System designed with game mechanics. The company aims to help organizations improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and performance.

According to a recent Achievers Complacency Report, over 76% of employees feel disengaged from their jobs. That’s bad news for most businesses! Life Engineering hopes to change that.

Better employee benefits and growth opportunities do a lot to improve engagement, but they’re not the only ingredients for success. Life Engineering has found the missing elements that lead people to success as individuals, teams, and organizations. Even better, they’ve created the tools to help you implement them.

Over the past 20 years, their team has been studying the science of engagement so that you don’t have to. The results are clear: When engagement is low, productivity is low, and when productivity is down, your business is likely losing money.

That’s why Life Engineering built a system that will help you measure and improve your employees’ engagement.




Life Engineering has done over two decades of scientific research to back its tools. They found that energy is the most critical factor when it comes to performance. Unfortunately, most businesses need help with this concept.

By looking at the gaming industry’s ability to create and maintain addiction, Life Engineering formulated 16 Fundamental Elements that get people “addicted” to achievement in any area of life, including work and personal goals. These elements are proven to drive employee engagement.

Through their research on the science of gamification, Life Engineering has built a suite of solutions that can help you increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and performance while increasing employee retention. Their software helps employees find the purpose, motivation, and tools to achieve their goals at work and beyond.





Getting optics on engagement can take a lot of work, but it’s critical information if you want to make change. Research shows that up to 80% of employees in the American workforce are disengaged. Additionally, disengaged employees can only deliver 20% of their performance capacity.

Clearly, there’s a need for a way to assess how engaged employees are. That’s where Life Engineering comes in.

The Life Engineering Engagement Assessment is an easy, 10-minute survey that has been backed by science and carefully crafted by research professionals. This assessment creates clarity around what is working or missing for any single employee, or even an entire team of people.

Life Engineering’s unique and state-of-the-art assessment tools help leaders see what engagement looks like across an entire organization or small team. From there, they can dissect the data by pulling out information on specific departments, geographies, teams, and more.


Once your employees have taken the Engagement Assessment, they are automatically connected to world-class educational content through the online Life Engineering Achievement Academy.

The online Achievement Academy allows employees, leaders, and executives to learn more about the 16 Elements of achievement, the Orbits of Engagement, and the Achievement Process. This education can help employees understand their engagement level and find the motivation and energy to re-engage.

There are multiple Academies for different levels of employees that build off each other: an Individual Achievement Academy, a Leadership Achievement Academy, and an HR/Executive Business Academy. Throughout all these lessons, your team will learn how to improve satisfaction, achievement, performance, engagement, and overall energy.


Life Engineering also offers training and leadership development. While Online Achievement Academies are great for powerful, self-directed learning, live training offers a highly-tailored, in-person experience. Life Engineering has a track record of delivering robust, unique, and meaningful live training events.

Life Engineering offers over 15 training modules to help leaders and employees channel their energy into performance and results. In addition, their live training takes many of the themes taught in the Achievement Academy and dives deeper into their concepts. These powerful frameworks are proven to boost information understanding and application.




Many employers right now feel that chaos has taken over the workplace and workforce. Human resources success more important than ever in a time with high employee turnover and low retention.

Studies show that HR departments spend less than 15% of their time working as strategic business partners. Instead, they are kept separate from other employees, left to deal with administration policies and tactical work.

The Life Engineering team thinks this system doesn’t work. That’s why they are dedicated to providing HR access to the same lessons offered to the highest management. By giving human resource teams access to identical information and tools that executives have, HR can do their jobs more effectively.

This type of transparency allows HR professionals to speak the same language as business leaders so they can act as true strategic business partners.


LG Resources is a recruitment agency that provides staffing solutions for any business. Our dedicated and experienced professionals will help you find the best talent to fill your open job positions.

We recruit talent in all kinds of industries, including warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, and technology across the U.S. With our active job board and extensive network, you can always stay on top of new talent.

We also provide employee benefits consulting to help you save money on your employee benefits packages. Our goal is to help you attract and retain high-caliber talent while increasing your business efficiency.

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