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ERC Credit: Why Picking the Right Firm Matters

It’s not too late to receive the lucrative Employee Retention Credit (ERC)! Before you apply for the credit, though, you need to decide who will support you through the process. Choosing an experienced ERC credit firm could make all the difference in the amount of funding you get.

How the Right ERC Credit Firm Can Help

There are two big reasons why many organizations still haven’t filed for the ERC:

  • Many business tax professionals do not process it since it’s outside of the usual scope of their work. The ERC is taken on your payroll returns, not business tax returns. That means you may need to find a more specialized firm to help.
  • The ERC is incredibly complex. With a tax code over 200 pages long, it’s easy for even a CPA to miss some of the details that could make your organization eligible.

An ERC credit firm will have a team that is specifically dedicated to helping clients maximize this credit. They should already understand all the nuances and know how to make the process efficient. 

At LG Resources, we partner with ERC Specialists to help our clients get as much ERC funding as they qualify for. The ERC Specialists team is focused on this tax credit and understands all the details. They are very familiar with IRS regulations, with advisory board members that include a former US Attorney General and the current State of Utah Attorney General. 

Having helped 9,000 businesses secure well over $2 billion of ERC funding, our experience and quality of work speak for themselves. A significant number of companies are referred to our firm because they believe they were given inaccurate information regarding their eligibility and the total amount they qualify for.



Why Not Just Work With a CPA?

While CPAs sometimes file for the ERC credit, most do not unless they also process payroll. Unlike most similar tax credits, the ERC is taken on your payroll returns instead of your business income tax returns. We actually receive many of our ERC clients from CPAs.

Even if your CPA does process the ERC, they likely aren’t familiar with every detail of the 200-page tax code. They may miss some information about how to maximize the credit for your business. 

Why Picking the Right ERC Credit Firm Matters

ERC credit 2


There are multiple firms that offer help with qualifying and applying for the ERC credit, so you don’t have to settle for one that doesn’t offer much support. Look for a firm that offers the following:

ERC-Specific Experience

By now, many ERC credit firms have already gone through this process with hundreds of organizations. With that kind of experience, the firm will know how to evaluate claims in every possible way to maximize your ERC credit.

Professional Support

As complicated as the ERC is, applying for it doesn’t need to be a horribly long and painful process. With the right support, you can get through it much faster than you think. 

Streamlined Processes

Good processes will help you get faster results, meaning potentially faster funding. You will get to invest this money into your business sooner rather than later.

Audit Protection

Anyone can be audited by the IRS. If it happens to you, you will want your ERC credit firm to supply all the criteria they require and help you respond.

Find Out If You Qualify For the ERC Credit

LG Resources and ERC Specialists are here to help you throughout the ERC process. We’ve worked to make the process as smooth as possible. We can help your organization with all of the following:

  • Determining eligibility based on all relevant factors
  • Determining credit availability
  • Reviewing the required information for your application
  • Delivering an audit-ready package
  • Looking for other credit opportunities

We charge a flat fee based on how many employees’ wages qualify for the ERC, which we’ll calculate with your free initial analysis. Our team typically recovers 10-20% more than someone who isn’t familiar with the ERC, so our services more than pay for themselves.

LG Resources will help you maximize your ERC processing speed. Our clients have loved their results from working with us!


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