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What's Included In a Fully Integrated Gateway Solution For Merchant Processing?

What's Included In a Fully Integrated Gateway Solution For Merchant Processing?

When you’re looking into payment processing solutions, it’s easy to get confused by all the different terms and options. You may be wondering what a “fully integrated gateway” is and whether it makes sense for your business needs.

In this guide, we will explain what a fully integrated gateway solution includes and how it can help make your operations more efficient.



A fully integrated gateway solution brings all of your payment and billing systems together. You can process mobile payments, electronic invoices, recurring billing, online shopping carts, and EMV chip card payments all in one place.

With a fully integrated gateway, your business has more control over your payment system and merchant processing. You can create the best user experience for your brand. Customers can pay directly through your website instead of through a third-party website or payment platform. 

Integrated gateway solutions make payment processing much easier, especially for businesses that accept multiple payment methods or have multiple locations. Since employees can access all of your merchant processing tools from the same place, they can save time on certain tasks.



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There are several things to consider before you choose an integrated gateway solution:

1. Payment options

Different gateway solutions can accept different payment methods. Ideally, your integrated gateway should accept major credit cards, EMV-compliant chips, mobile payments, online payments, and any other payment type that is common among your customer base.

2. Cybersecurity

The right solution can help you keep customer information secure and avoid potential liability for data leaks. Your business should be able to transfer funds quickly and safely.

3. Customer support

A good integrated gateway solution will make your operations more efficient, but only if the technology works and you know how to use it. If your gateway provider doesn’t offer strong customer and technical support, it’s not the best choice. 



LG Resources doesn’t just provide merchant processing solutions. We help you find and compare the best options for your business’s needs. Our expert team is here to help you save time and money.

LG Resources has merchant processing solutions to cover your brick-and-mortar locations, mobile locations, and online payment platforms. Our fully integrated gateway solutions include:

  • Online shopping carts that create an easy customer experience, keep online payments secure, and encourage successful e-commerce. 
  • Electronic invoicing that works together with your payment gateway for quick fee collection, without the need for paper statements.
  • Mobile solutions that let your business accept credit and debit cards anywhere, even at mobile locations, through a secure environment on a phone or tablet. 
  • EMV-compliant terminals that allow you to accept EMV chip cards on all card-present transactions. 
  • Recurring billing systems that keep all of your clients’ information secure in a centralized database where you can bill them automatically based on your business’s payment plans.

Best of all, we give you world-class customer service. Our state-of-the-art network operations center gives you access to expert technical support and customer service. We can help you quickly resolve any issues that arise with your gateway solution.

Schedule a demo today to see how our fully integrated gateway solutions can help your business save time and money.

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