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At LG Resources, we have interfaced with many potential job candidates for our clients over the years. We know what tech and office staff want from their employers, and what employers can do to attract the best candidates to their organizations.

This holiday season, consider tweaking your workplace norms to better meet employees’ and candidates’ needs. Here are some tips to engage, retain, and recruit quality office employees.

Offer Office Staff Work From Home or Hybrid Models

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that many workers are embracing, and in some cases, preferring, to work from home. Even those who like having a physical workplace often prefer only coming into the office a few times a week. Some workers are only willing to consider employers who allow them workplace flexibility, especially while the pandemic rages on.

While we understand the desire to see your team in person, the solution here is often to find a balance. If the industry your business resides in is well-suited for employees to be remote, allow the workers who want to return the ability to do so, and allow those to work from home the ability to continue what works for them. If you must have your employees in the office, then offer hybrid solutions for those who want it.

If you’re open to the possibility of seeing some employees primarily virtually, this season is a great opportunity to embrace the change. Your workplace might be better off for it.

Make the Place More Appealing for Office Staff

Office Staff

For a workplace that does require its workers to be physically in the office, it is integral to create a space where people want to work.

You may want to consider changes that will make the office more appealing to the five senses and reduce workplace health-related concerns. Invest in new office furniture, install new amenities, and ensure that the area is clean.

If you’re unsure where to start, ask for feedback from your employees about what would make the office a better place for them to work. They are going to spend many hours of their lives here, so make a space that is both comfortable and encourages productivity.

Be Flexible About Work Schedules

Just as you should be flexible with employees about where they want to work, you should be flexible about when they want to work as well. You can incorporate flex time, or if your workplace is remote, allow employees to work whenever they wish.

As long as tasks get completed in time, they don’t necessarily have to be done during the typical 8 to 5 workday, or even on a weekday.

Ultimately, having a flexible work schedule means that employees can work at the times of day when they are the most productive. If employees are more productive, your business will be as well.

Prioritize Employee Health and Wellness

Office Staff

People are much more conscious of their health than ever before. Employees want their employers to care not only about their physical health, but their mental health as well. Often, this means providing a good medical benefits package, but the most competitive employers often go beyond that to show they care by subsidizing gym memberships, providing healthy food in the cafeteria, or adding other wellness benefits.

If necessary, you should change and update your employees’ medical benefits to meet current needs and standards. At LG Resources, we can help you save on workplace health benefits and create a plan employees appreciate.

Show Empathy When Family and Childcare Issues Arise Among Your Office Staff

We all have family issues come up at some point or another, and it is best to be empathetic towards those who are experiencing them in the present. Sometimes life gets in the way of work, and truth be told, many people would rather be working than dealing with family emergencies. As an employer, you should strive to be flexible with your employees and give them the time off they need.

Beyond offering leave, it’s important to be supportive when your employees experience these kinds of problems. Practicing empathy will help you connect with your employees and build a better working relationship.

Check In With Newer Office Staff to Ensure Success

Office Staff

While leaving people alone to do their work with minimal communication can sometimes work, it is not the most effective way to manage newer employees. Many younger workers in particular actually want their superiors to check in with them and to give feedback on the work they are doing. Doing so not only shows that you care about the quality of their work, but that you want to help them improve so that they can be a better contributor.

One way to do this is to hold regular performance reviews. Ensure that there is open two-way communication between you and the employee, and that they are comfortable reaching out to their superiors when they need help or advice. This small effort on your part can go a long way in terms of worker productivity.

Rebuild Your Company Culture

Your company culture is what your employees talk about when they describe what it’s like to work for your business. The culture reflects the values, practices, and day-to-day operations of the office.

If you find that your office culture is not up to par with your company’s ideals, evaluate what might need to be changed. Ask your employees what they like and dislike about the culture, and consider tweaking it, if need be. Work both with employees and upper-level management to come up with ideas on how you want the world to see your workplace.

Lean Into Your Company’s Values and Stewardship Efforts

Office Staff

With so much negativity in the outside world, people are more conscious of the values they and the companies they work for hold. Many people today want to work for companies that are ethical and show that they care about the issues affecting the world around them. 

Refine what your company’s values are, and consider how your company can use its time and resources to benefit others. Partner with a charity, or give employees time to volunteer for causes they care about. Some businesses allow their employees paid time off to volunteer or participate in a corporate-sponsored stewardship program.

As evidenced by recent trends in many of the country’s workplaces, office and desk workers are looking for different perks today than they often were in previous eras. By making these changes, you can attract and keep a better workforce for your business.

Do you need help recruiting a productive workforce for your business? LG Resources is a top-rated professional temp staffing agency with many years of experience. Contact us today for assistance with building a better team.