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Become an Employee Retention Credit Broker

Become an ERC Tax Broker Today!


The average ERC deal that we process has 25 employees with an average credit amount of $275,000. Earn 2% commission on all ERC referrals when you partner with LG!

For questions, email us at erc@lgresources.com.

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Take These ERC Broker Resources With You

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What You’ll Get:

  • Top Brokers Are Earning 7 Figures
  • Brokers with Warm CEO Referrals of 250 Full-Time Employees

Become an ERC Broker Today!


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How It Works:

  • Get on the phone with one of our Broker onboarding Specialists.
  • WGS will get them their Broker Agreement, provide all the material, and outline best practices.
  • Walk them through the online portal at lgresourceserc.com.

For questions, email us at erc@lgresources.com.