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Workers’ Comp Mitigation

Get Money Back for Your Business

Stop spending on overpriced workers’ comp premiums and get money back for your business.

Workers’ Comp Mitigation

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Are You Feeling the Effects of Workers’ Comp Inflation?

The current workers’ compensation system is inherently inflationary. Every player in the system — doctors, attorneys, employees, insurance carriers, insurance agents, and more — makes more money when claims cost more.

We believe business owners deserve better.

LG Resources partners with WCCA to provide workers’ compensation mitigation services. We offer comprehensive workplace evaluations and recommendations to help our clients save double-digit percentages on premium payments.


Workers’ Comp Mitigation

Life-Changing Claim Management Results

LG Resources and WCCA are dedicated to making the workers’ compensation system work for employers, and it shows.

WCCA’s Claim Management system, The WCCA Method has been actuarially proven to reduce claim frequency by 21% and reduce cost per claim by 51% on average.

Our data indicates that on average, we decrease the impact of handled injuries on premiums by 68% in the first year.

How We Reduce Your Workers’ Comp Costs

Claim costs can get out of hand because they are largely a revenue producer for insurance carriers. In our case, every dollar in primary claim cost creates $2.75 in future workers’ compensation premiums.

We’ve found that we can reduce the impact of claims on your premiums by controlling the following things:

  • Reserves. The cost used to determine experience ratings are total incurred claim costs, i.e. the amount paid plus the amount reserved for future payments.
  • Fraud. WCCA has 28 years of success in limiting fraud and created a pre-emptive measure for eliminating fraud.
  • Indemnity Costs. Statistically, eliminating indemnity cost can decrease the cost of claims by as much as 75%. Furthermore, NCCI gives a 70% rating discount if indemnity cost is eliminated from the claim.
  • Elimination of claims. On average, 35% of the injuries we handle never incur any cost.
Workers’ Comp Mitigation

WCCA’s business model is designed to put deflationary pressure on the system in four ways:

Adopting a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) model.

Hiring WCCA is akin to hiring a fully staffed risk management department for workers’ compensation.

Capitating our fees.

There is no activity-based incentive to drive up costs.

Guaranteeing effectiveness.

We provide a first year 100% ROI guarantee.

Get More Money Back For the Work You Care About

Too many businesses struggle to stay profitable because of high workers’ comp costs. We know there’s a better way, and now you do too.

When you have fewer claims and lower premiums, you have more to invest in your business priorities. Reach out to LG Resources today to start saving on your workers’ comp costs.

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