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Running a business can be challenging, especially when you are understaffed. It can be hard to know who to hire based on resumes and quick interviews that you rush to fit in around other pressing concerns.

If you’re having trouble finding reliable employees or struggling to make time for the hiring process, working with a staffing agency may be the best solution. A staffing agency can help you find the best temp employees faster and more efficiently.

Here are a few times when it makes sense to work with a temp staffing agency:

Hire a Temp Staffing Agency for Temporary Projects

Hiring a full-time, “permanent” employee for a short period of time isn’t fair to the employee or your business. An employee hired the traditional way may feel misled if you suddenly let them go after a project that was always going to end, and your business will have a lot of paperwork to fill out for someone who will only be there for a short time.

When projects arise that need a short term solution, hiring a temp worker through a staffing agency can be a great option. Temp agencies take over the responsibility of payroll, withholding taxes, and benefits, to name a few, and everyone will have similar expectations.

Hire a Temp Staffing Agency for Your Seasonal Labor Needs

temp staffing agency

If your business relies heavily on seasonal labor, a temp employee might be for you. Whether you need help during tax season, run a seasonal resort, or have a retail business that needs additional help during the holidays, a qualified temp employee can help. 

Hiring a temp staffing agency ensures you will not be left short-handed when you need help the most. The agency can help you fill your staffing needs within your time frame and budget.

When You Don’t Have Time to Vet Temp Candidates Yourself

Vetting new hires can be a big strain on your management team. Outsourcing this task to a temp staffing agency might be your best option to find quick, reliable staff. 

Staffing agencies will search for and interview candidates to find the perfect person for your position, all the while leaving your management team free to work on other projects that require immediate attention. 

When You Need to Try New Employees Out Before Committing

Hiring a temp is a cost-efficient way to test the skills of a new employee before offering anyone a permanent position. If you’re satisfied with your temp’s work, you can offer them a full-time position and avoid the grueling interview process you might otherwise need to complete. 

If you’re dissatisfied with the temp employee, simply contact the temp staffing agency and they will take it from there. Many temp agencies will find a replacement candidate free of charge if you contact them within a certain time frame.

When You Need Ongoing Flexibility About How Many Employees to Keep on Staff

temp staffing agency

In many industries, workloads ebb and flow. Changes are caused by factors, such as time of year, demand, or the economy.

Partnering with a temp staffing agency can give your company the flexibility to reduce your workforce at the end of the busy season without layoffs and hire more people when needed. This can not only help your bottom line, but also allow you to leave all the hassle of hiring and paperwork to your temp staffing agency.

Need a Temp Staffing Agency?

If you think hiring temp workers will help you solve any of these problems, look no further than LG Resources for your temp staffing agency solution. LG Resources is dedicated to connecting employers with quality candidates all over the country.

Our expertise in vetting, hiring, and managing temp employees for your company is unmatched. Contact LG Resources today to see how we can help find you the best candidates for your organization.