Employee Retention Credit:  Up to $26,000 per employee See if you qualify

Are you ready to earn six or even seven figures? Are you looking for an opportunity where your people skills will shine? You might be a perfect fit for the LG Resources ERC Broker team!

How It Works

ERC Broker

Our ERC Brokers earn a commission for referring CEOs to our ERC program. The goal is to help eligible business owners get tax credits for retaining employees during the tumultuous past couple of years. Many businesses are eligible to earn millions of dollars in IRS returns through the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) program.

A lot of business owners don’t know about the ERC program or mistakenly think they are not eligible. That’s where LG Resources (and you!) come in.

Our team reaches out to CEOs and helps them learn about the opportunities available to them. If their business qualifies, we help them get the funds they deserve, and we receive a commission in turn.

As a Broker, your role is to refer CEOs and set up appointments with them. You will earn a 2% commission when you refer a CEO to LG’s ERC program. The average ERC deal that we process has 25 employees with an average credit amount of $275,000, which means the Broker receives an average of $5,500 per deal — although you could receive much more for a larger deal.

The more eligible CEOs you help us find, the more you can make!

Check out our video below to learn more about whether you’d make a good ERC broker.


We want you!

Hey, sorry guys, I’m never that cheesy, but I want to talk to you about being a Broker for Logistics Giving Resources.

If you’ve got large networks of people — whether you’re in insurance or you’re a real estate agent, it doesn’t matter where you are, whatever business profession you’re in — we have a great opportunity to help the American people. There are great CEOs out there who’ve struggled through COVID, restaurant owners, manufacturers, transportation companies. Come help us get them the credit that they deserve!

These credits are substantial. They can be a million, 5 million, sometimes even 15 million dollars in credits. Over the last week alone, our companies put on the board 400 million dollars in potential credits.

Come join us! Come help us get these tax credits out to those who need it.

Can’t wait to have you as part of the team! Thank you.

Ready to Join Our ERC Broker Team?

Check out our Become an ERC Broker page to learn more about the program. We provide all the material you need, outline best practices, and include instructions on how to get digital assets to help you and your CEOs succeed.

Feel free to also share the ERC with your friends, relatives, and any business owners, CPAs, and nonprofits you care about. We are experts at helping organizations of all kinds qualify for the ERC and get it fast.