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Warehouse inventory can easily become disorganized and difficult without the proper tools. By using warehouse inventory software, businesses can run their warehouses efficiently with little error and enjoy the many additional resources modern providers have to offer.

Listed below are some great warehouse inventory tools to help you successfully run your warehouse in 2021:


NetSuite, a cloud-based ERP solution, helps small and mid-size businesses automate their processes. They give valuable real-time reporting on performance, inventory, order management, and sales.

Starting at $499.00 per month, NetSuite SuiteCommerce gives clients access to their online business anytime and anywhere. Their software can help lower IT costs and improve customer experience and interaction through their streamlined cloud-based system. NetSuite is used by over 24,000 happy customers in 200+ countries.

NetSuite offers their customers 24/7 live representative support, as well as in-person and online training and webinars to help businesses run smoothly.


Maximize your warehouse efficiently with Odoo, a modern, customizable, all-in-one software to help businesses eliminate unnecessary manual processes using high-caliber business applications. Odoo offers their clients everything they need to successfully run their warehouse and business, including assistance with CRM, manufacturing, accounting, and much more.

Oboe can be used by any size business, from a client who needs the bare minimum to larger corporate companies. Start with a free trial and pay $20.00 per user, per month when you sign up.

Intensive customer phone support, in-person training, webinars, and helpful videos and resources ensure that Odoo clients are taken care of.


SkuValut, an eCommerce inventory management software, helps businesses keep their warehouses organized, manage their inventory, and connect channels at scale. SkuVault handles your physical inventory by keeping track of what is scanned in and out of your warehouse and then uses real-time information to connect to your online marketplace.

Small, medium, and enterprise-sized businesses use SkuVault to prevent being out of stock, assist with barcoding, and help eliminate picking and shipping errors. For a $269.00 per month flat rate, you can have access to all of the hard data on your business that you need to stay organized and successful.

With high-quality customer service and easy integration systems, SkuVault helps thousands of customers successfully manage their warehouses and marketplaces.

Need Staff to Help With Your Warehouse Inventory?

Hiring the right staff to manage your warehouse inventory is a crucial part of running a prosperous business. Using a staffing agency such as LG Resources can help speed up the hiring process immensely, resulting in new employees right when you need them to help your business run quickly and effectively.

LG Resources focuses on conducting comprehensive screening processes for all potential candidates to help connect employers to high-quality and experienced employees. With a 96% retention rate, Logistics Giving Resources has proven to be one of the best staffing resources on the market.

Request an employee today by filling out an employee request form to get in touch with LG’s hiring specialists and find the perfect candidate to help with your warehouse inventory.