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If you have general labor positions you need to fill, it can be hard to find the quality candidates your company needs. LG Resources can help you fill these general labor jobs and make it easier to find applicants with the right experience.

We are known for placing great people in general labor positions all over the county. Our clients always come back to us for our consistent excellence and attention to detail.

20 General Labor Jobs We Can Help You Fill

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Here are 20 general labor jobs that LG Resources can help you fill with top-quality candidates.

1. Production Worker

Production workers operate equipment in a warehouse or factory and prepare products for distribution. They also monitor warehouse equipment to ensure it works properly. Depending on the job, they can be responsible for attaching labels and other details to finished products and packing products for shipping.

2. Picker/Packer

Packers stack goods, label packages, clean shipping containers, and pack items for shipment. They must be organized and attentive to detail as they handle packages to ensure the shipping process runs smoothly.

3. Custodian/Janitor

Custodians clean buildings, including all rooms and bathrooms. They often secure the building by closing doors and windows. They are responsible for keeping workspaces sanitary and tidy.

4. Warehouse Associate

Warehouse associates receive and process goods and materials. They are responsible for packing orders, organizing stock, identifying missing or damaged merchandise, and maintaining a clean and safe working environment. They also transport merchandise to the shipping center for loading.

5. Forklift Operator

Forklift operators transport heavy materials around warehouses, factories, storage, and construction sites. They load and unload items onto oversized pallets and stack merchandise. Most forklift operators work under a supply chain manager or warehouse manager.

6. Dock Worker

Dock workers are responsible for unloading cargo from ships. Typical duties include installing gangways, placing materials on pallets, keeping the dock area clean, and operating forklifts. Dock workers also inspect cargo and mark down any damaged or lost items.

7. Restoration/Mitigation Technician

Restoration technicians perform water mitigation tasks to repair and restore properties damaged by water, fire storms, vandalism, and other events. They scope the damages at the site and provide documentation to the estimator to be submitted to the insurance company for approval.

8. Carpenter

Carpenters build, install, and repair structures like counters, cabinetry, showers, tubs, and vanities. They work with clients to create drafts and prepare drawings of their plans before beginning the building process. Other job requirements include choosing and assessing materials, following building blueprints, and following code requirements.

9. Farm Laborer

Farm laborers take care of crops and animals. They often help with fertilizing, plowing, operating farm machinery, and inspecting and picking crops. Farm laborers often operate machinery such as tractors, wheelbarrows, and spray fertilizers.

10. Bakery Worker

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Bakery workers produce bread and related food products. They follow strict food safety procedures to maintain a steady production workflow and count, sort, and visually inspect bakery items. Bakery work requires a fair degree of lifting, moving, stacking, and other manual labor tasks.

11. Order Filler

Order fillers work with warehouse teams to handle orders and ensure customers receive their merchandise. They take arrived merchandise, unpack it, check for damage, and transport it to its next destination. They also arrange inventory and trace any missing or delayed shipments.

12. Package Handler

Package handlers load and unload boxes on trucks during the warehouse delivery package. This job requires plenty of physical strength to lift and push all types of containers, including heavy packages. However, package handlers must be careful handling shipments and follow company policies to avoid damage.

13. Maintenance Specialist

Maintenance specialists maintain buildings and machinery. They often do repair work on electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC systems, and other aspects of buildings. Maintenance specialists must know the systems they work on to perform their duties.

14. Tree Climber/Trimmer

Tree climbers climb trees to prune excess or dead branches and clear branches away from power lines. They often use climbing hooks, ropes, or ladders; while the work can be arduous, climbers generally do not need to climb trees by hand.

15. Arborist

Arborists care for trees and create designs for park layouts. Their responsibilities often include trimming, pruning, fertilizing, cabling, and bracing shrubs and trees. They may also supervise a crew. Some employers require arborists to have a certification in landscape design or a related field, but many jobs only require on-the-job training to teach new arborists how to work with the equipment, depending on local requirements.

16. Gardener

Gardeners tend to the greenery in public areas or on private property. They maintain lawns and shrubbery, water plants, weed, and prune. Some gardeners grow vegetables and herbs, while others maintain greenery for visual purposes only.

17. Landscape Technician

Landscape technicians and groundskeepers maintain green spaces like gardens, parks, and greenhouses. They often perform gardening tasks such as watering plants and fertilizing lawns, but they also work on non-plant aspects of landscapes such as driveways, patios, and walls.

18. Irrigation Technician

Irrigation technicians manage the irrigation systems in parks, gardens, and other outdoor spaces to keep plants well-watered. They map out irrigation areas, install and maintain the necessary pumps, valves, and timer systems, dig trenches, test systems, and conduct maintenance checks.

19. Traffic Control Flagger

Flaggers control the flow of traffic around road construction sites. They position barricades and traffic cones, put up warning and detour signs, inform the construction crew of any safety hazards, and direct vehicles around work sites.

20. Pool Technician

Pool technicians maintain public swimming pools by cleaning them and keeping them functional. They clean the water and filters, inspect for damage, and report any issues. Pool technicians must also maintain stock records and fix pool lights. In some cases, they may evaluate the work of other staff members.

Why Choose LG Resources As Your General Labor Staffing Agency?

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LG Resources is a staffing agency that can help you get the quality candidates your company needs. We specialize in general labor industries and have an excellent reputation throughout the United States. We can help you find the right candidates quickly and within your budget.

Our clients are our top priority, which is why we have a 96% client retention rate. We deliver results and pay attention to the unique needs of each business. We aim to increase productivity for your company by finding excellent candidates for your team.

Hiring a staffing agency eliminates the strain of finding the best-suited applicants on your own. With LG Resources, we offer not only staffing solutions, but also healthcare for employees, payroll services, and workers’ compensation mitigation as well. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can best serve your general labor staffing needs.