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Employee Benefits Package

Want a Top-Notch Workforce? Create a Standout Employee Benefits Package

Ever since the pandemic, employers have been faced with a competitive job market and wage inflation. But attracting and retaining top talent goes beyond offering a handsome salary. The key? A robust employee benefits package that attracts star players and keeps them loyal. 

A well-structured benefits program is a linchpin in your employee value proposition. It reflects your organization's commitment to wellness, fostering a culture of care and respect. This doesn't just boost morale; it engenders loyalty, reduces turnover, and enhances your employer brand, making your company a magnet for top talent.

As an employer, you may be wondering which employee benefits are the best choice for attracting the talent you need while keeping expenses manageable. In this article, we’ll show you how to turn employee benefits into a strategic asset for both employee satisfaction and business success.

Creating a Competitive Benefits Program

Not all benefits are equally important to employees. In a recent Forbes Advisor survey, the top 5 benefits employees said they wanted were:

  1. Employer-covered healthcare. 67% of employees believe this to be the most important benefit.
  2. Life insurance. 45% of employees said this was a top benefit.
  3. Pension and retirement plans. 34% of employees said this benefit was vital.
  4. Mandatory paid time off (PTO). 31% of employees named mandatory PTO as a top benefit.
  5. Mental health assistance. 23% of employees listed this as an important benefit.

Flexibility is also a priority for employees. In addition to these benefits, 51% of in-office employees and 34% of remote employees said they viewed flexible hours as a top fringe benefit. 37% of employees said the option to work from home is important even for an in-office role.

A Strategic Approach to Employee Benefits

employee benefits package 2

To gain the most value from your employee benefits package, you need cost-effective solutions that appeal to current and prospective employees alike, ensuring your business remains competitive and attractive as an employer. 

Start with finding the best group rates for essential benefits like health insurance and retirement plans. Then explore extended benefits such as accident insurance, pet coverage, identity theft protection, legal services, financial counseling and employee debt solutions. Another benefit employees find valuable is health savings programs, which can help employees lower their out of pocket health care costs.

Navigating the vast ocean of available benefits requires a seasoned navigator. A benefits consultant offers this expertise, ensuring that your benefits program not only meets the diverse needs of your workforce but also aligns with your company's goals and budget. 

Need Help With Your Employee Benefits Program?

The landscape of employee benefits is ever-evolving, and so are government incentives for employers. Our consultants can streamline the process of choosing, managing, and optimizing these programs, saving you time and resources in the long run. With LG Resources, we can help you plan your finances and qualify for tax credits while creating the best and most cost-effective employee benefits package for your team.

Transforming your benefits program is a strategic move toward building a happier, more satisfied, and loyal workforce. LG’s expert guidance can help you navigate the complexities of employee benefits, ensuring your offerings are competitive and cost-effective. 



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