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4 Employee Engagement Tips to Motivate Your Temp Workers

Temporary workers are a common way to meet changing workforce demands, but many companies are missing the mark on temp employee engagement. Since temp employees by definition won’t be there for long, management is less likely to think about boosting their performance.

However, temp workers can make a huge difference in your company’s overall productivity. At LG Resources, we know a powerful strategy to maximize your temps’ contributions: integrating them into the company culture. Here are some tips on how to better engage your temp workforce.

1. Bridge the Gap Between Temps and Long-Term Employees

In many organizations, temporary workers feel that there’s a barrier between them and the full-time staff, often fueled by a stigma for temp roles. All the same, most employers expect the same level of competence and hard work from temporary staff. 

So, the question arises – why should temporary workers be treated any differently?

Failing to include temporary workers in activities, rewards, and other efforts can lead to hurt feelings and a sense that temps aren’t valued. What’s more, opinions about employers spread rapidly through social media and review sites. Temporary employees who feel undervalued may spread negativity about your company, brand, and culture.

On the other hand, temps who feel embraced by their teams are more likely to say good things about their employer, contributing to brand recognition. A welcoming culture may encourage your most productive temp workers to apply when a long-term position opens up.

It’s crucial to recognize that many temporary workers aspire to become part of the full-time staff. A welcoming culture not only ensures high performance but also cultivates loyalty from your potential future long-term employees.

2. Create a Temp Employee Engagement Protocol

With an increasing reliance on temporary workers, companies must establish a clear workforce engagement protocol. This protocol should set a standard for management to follow as they onboard and communicate with temp workers.

Once the protocol is in place, supervisors and managers can more easily focus on temp employee engagement. The right processes can help temp employees contribute to the company’s growth and productivity.

3. Apply The Golden Rule

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With any employee, the best policy is usually to treat people the way you would want to be treated in their role. If more in-depth onboarding helps long-term employees, it would likely help temp workers as well. 

Managers should treat temporary employees with respect, just as they hopefully do with full-time employees. Increasing respect between managers, full-time employees, and temporary workers promotes collaboration, leading to higher overall productivity.

4. Ask For Input

Seeking feedback is a great way to see how you can improve temp employee engagement. You can ask temporary employees how they feel about their role in the company, as well as whether they have suggestions for process improvements.

If you ask for temp employees’ input, they will see that your company values their opinions. That knowledge may lead to higher temp employee engagement.

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