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Green HVAC

Green HVAC: Is It Affordable For Your Business?

Many business owners we talk to assume that moving toward green energy will be too expensive. While that may have been true in the past, green energy is cheaper than it once was. Meanwhile, typical utility costs are skyrocketing. 

All in all, right now is a great time to upgrade your facility with a more efficient HVAC system or a complete grid-optional energy system. LG Resources has some cost-effective options that can work well in most commercial spaces.

Our Green HVAC Systems

LG Resources has an efficient, green HVAC solution for any building, anywhere. We work with leaders in advanced commercial HVAC technologies, including VRF heat pumps, ductless and ducted mini-splits, and air conditioning systems. 

Our heat pumps are up to 40% more efficient than conventional systems. You don’t get energy usage spikes of uneven temperature control. You can also turn your heat off when it’s not in use, saving you even more energy and money on your utility bills.

Our all-in-one heating systems are affordable with low installation and maintenance costs. We have single and multi-space options. 

With any of these green HVAC systems, you get end-to-end support. Our team customizes the design with a variety of factory-installed options to meet your unique needs. We can find or create the right solution to improve efficiency, comfort, and wellness in your space. 

Is This Better Than My Current HVAC System?

The typical commercial HVAC system is neither very efficient nor optimized for comfort. It might have 10-16 SEER cooling and separate heating. 

Compare that with LG Resources’ green energy solutions. We offer integrated heating and cooling systems with solar thermal energy that are 20-30+ SEER equivalent. The equipment doesn’t take up much space. Once it’s installed, your heating won’t be affected by blackouts, and your energy bills will be both stable and low.

Why Choose LG Resources For Green Energy?

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LG Resources offers a wide range of cost-effective green energy solutions to help businesses avoid rising utility costs. We can help with solar panel installation, battery backup systems, energy storage, clean air, and water conservation systems.

We can also retrofit your building to make it more efficient. Our green energy teams work on insulation, LED lighting, controls, monitoring, and more.

When you combine our green HVAC solutions with our other green energy offerings, you get:

  • On-demand power, 24/7, 365 days per year
  • 100% of your power needs met on-site
  • 85% - 96% efficiency
  • The ability to be grid-optional

Best of all, we give you tons of incentives and financing options to help make upgrading to green energy affordable. Between state, federal, and local tax incentives and our team’s internal incentive program, you can offset the costs of installation. You will likely save money on your monthly energy costs, with a full ROI in 5-10 years. 

LG Resources is here to help businesses like yours save. Our employer marketplace helps you find the best deals on green energy, staffing, employee benefits, and so much more. 

Ready to start planning your new green energy system? Get in touch with an LG consultant today.


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