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Clean Energy Solutions

Eliminate your energy costs and build out a clean energy system that will put money back into your bottom line.

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Make Your Business More Efficient and Sustainable

Upgrade your facility with its own microgrid system. All your energy will be onsite, on demand with redundant backup systems.

  • Synchronized green technology
  • Upgraded Efficiencies
  • No more blackouts or brownouts
  • No longer a victim to rising energy costs


Find the Right Energy Solution For Your Facility

Commercial green energy

Stop worrying about whether rising energy costs will cut into your narrow margins. We offer a customized system that is designed to eliminate your utility expenses.

Restaurants & Hospitality
Restaurants & Hospitality

We’ll handle your energy needs so you can focus on creating the best customer experience. Our team has done the homework to find incentives that will subsidize the majority of the project. 

Healthcare green energy

Our solutions are dependable and produce the power needed in the most important times.  Having a dependable clean energy system will keep costs down so you can focus on providing care.

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Adding More to the Bottom Line with Clean Energy

With minimal investment and an average of 70-90% off with government incentives and rebates the ROI comes sooner which means significant returns back into the business.

Upgrade Your Energy With Best In Class Technology

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Zero-Emission Power. Hydrogen fuel cells (HFCs) produce no harmful emissions, eliminating the costs associated with handling and storing toxic materials like battery acid or diesel fuel...


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Microturbine Generation

Microturbines have the advantages of small size, light weight, good efficiency in heat and power cogeneration, low emissions, use of waste fuels, less repair, and good performance at low gas pressures.


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Combined Heat and Power

CHP produces both electricity and heat and does so using less fuel compared to other energy plants. Plus, it captures heat and steam to generate additional power, further lowering the need for fuel.


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Solar Energy

Harness the power of the sun and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. With our efficient, reliable solar power systems, you can save money on energy over time.


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The Dependable Energy Partner You Need

LG’s Green Energy experts offer excellent service at every stage. Our team takes a collaborative approach to each project. From your initial energy audit, design, and permitting to installation, inspections, and maintenance, we are committed to clear communication.

Our contractors have designed and installed 1,000’s of renewable systems around the world. We know what works, and we can help you understand your options. You can trust us to do the job right.



Find Your Perfect Green Energy Solution

How it works

Let us help get your business off the grid and take control of your utility costs.


If your utility costs are more than 5,000 dollars/month (gas, power, and water) you could be a candidate for this system. Eliminating or fixing these costs could put thousands of dollars back into your bottom line. With an easy 15–30-minute meeting we can show you what this looks like. If you like what you hear we can get you a proposal so you can see the numbers.

Everyone is thinking green. Now might be the opportunity to capitalize on the green federal and state incentives so that you can be a net zero building. Being tied to the grid (in any form) gives too much control to the utility companies. This is your opportunity to take that control back. Our experience is that 70-90 percent of these projects are paid for through these incentives.


There are a couple of different ways that we can do this. We build a microgrid system that synchronizes multiple green technologies and stores the energy on-site with redundant backups. The system produces up to 150% of the energy needed to power the building eliminating any potential blackouts or brownouts.

After the installation, we can either (1) fix your utility costs for the duration of a 15-, 20-, or 30-year utility agreement and service, warrant, and guarantee the equipment as a decentralized utility company or we (2) can sell you the equipment and set you up on financing that will pay itself off in 5-10 years. The loan payment replaces the utility payment and once the payment is gone so is your utility bill!

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How We Build Systems

Upgrade your facility with your own microgrid system.  With minimal investment and with the availability of tax incentives you can get 70-90% paid for.

  • We reduce the amount of energy needed to power the building by combining dozens of efficient technologies.
  • We produce energy by synchronizing clean energy technologies like hydrogen fuel cells, natural gas microturbines, batteries, and/or solar. (another tech could be considered depending on the project)
  • We ultimately store the energy onsite. We keep you connected to the grid as a third-level backup but do not anticipate that you will have to access the grid. (if that occurs reimbursement for the cost will be considered)



What Our Clients Are Saying

“LG Resources screening and training process has significantly reduced the turnover and consistently provides the highest quality of candidates.”

Current Client

“The entire process was extremely simple and efficient. Everything was quick and easy and we were able to join a Zoom informational meeting within days.”

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Chicago Business

“When I heard about the ERC program I reached out to my CPA. 30 minutes later he called and said I didn’t qualify. Out of curiosity, I had ERC Specialists see if I qualified. Turns out I received the ERC for 7 of my 9 employees. Highly recommended.”

Scott Moore

"88% of all survey responses said “yes, they would recommend LG Resources to other businesses"

LG Resources

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