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The Best Energy Efficiency Upgrades For Your Commercial Space

With energy costs increasing, 2024 is a great time to invest in energy efficiency. With all the incentives available, many businesses are finding that the cost-benefit ratio for efficient HVAC systems or even green energy makes a lot of sense for their facilities.

At LG Resources, we offer a range of options for businesses looking to become more energy-efficient. Here are some solutions you may want to consider.


Solar energy doesn’t work well everywhere, but in the right location, it can save you a surprising amount of money. Businesses in many parts of the U.S. can qualify for significant solar incentives from the federal, state, and local governments. If you purchase solar installation through LG Resources, our team will take on the financial risk so you don’t need a large upfront investment.

Solar energy is usually a good option if you have unobstructed access to the sun, a solar-friendly roof, and moderate energy usage. Your local regulations and zoning requirements may be a factor, too.

With solar energy, you can increase your property value and become less reliant on the grid. Many of our solar customers are excited about reducing their vulnerability to brownouts and blackouts. You’ll also be able to show your business’s commitment to sustainability, which adds to your positive brand image.


HVAC systems are a major source of energy usage in most spaces. With a highly efficient system, you can save up to 40% on your monthly energy costs and reduce energy usage spikes.

LG Resources can help you set up an efficient, green HVAC solution that works for your building. We partner with companies that lead in commercial HVAC technologies like VRF heat pumps, air conditioning systems, and ductless and ducted mini-splits. In addition to energy savings, our HVAC solutions will also give you more even temperature control.

Best of all, our HVAC solutions are affordable. We offer low installation and maintenance costs with end-to-end support, allowing you to save even more.


Backup batteries are a great addition to your solar energy system. You can store the extra energy your system produces for on-demand use in less sunny seasons or times when the sun’s not out.

The right backup batteries and storage systems can help you become grid-independent and lower your energy bills. With all of the incentives available, you may be surprised at how affordable these systems can be.


Handsome businessman in casual cloth using PC and drinking water in office-1


Everyone who works or passes through your facility can benefit from cleaner air and water. At LG Resources, we partner with industry leaders to give you systems with excellent energy efficiency.

Our clean air and water systems can work together with our other offerings as part of a complete clean utility ecosystem. Alternatively, you can install them separately based on your facility’s needs.


At LG Resources, we can help you get 70-90% off on energy-efficient solutions with tax credits, rebates, and our own internal incentives. We let you choose from several financing options based on your business needs.

Our team can help you develop an excellent energy efficiency plan. The solutions we offer allow you to take control of your energy costs with more predictable — and often lower — monthly expenses. Meanwhile, you will be contributing to a more sustainable world. 

If you’re ready to start saving on energy or reduce your reliance on the grid, get in touch with us today.


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