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Make Your Business More Efficient With LG Resources Employer Solutions

Looking to speed up your operations and boost your profit? LG Resources clients can enjoy many helpful services you may not have known about. While we are not a full-service PEO, we offer many of the same services.

We’re always looking for ways to help companies like yours become more efficient and attract the best employees. Here are some of our top employer solutions.


LG Resources’ roots are in staffing and recruiting. We pride ourselves on our ability to find great candidates at any level. We also offer several related services to our staffing clients to help them save even more on employee-related costs.



LG Resources has a large network of job seekers in nearly every industry and at all levels of experience. Our staffing team focuses on comprehensive screening processes to make sure you get higher quality candidates.

We also offer headhunting services for high-level positions such as senior management, executives, and specialized professionals. We can find people with the experience, skills, and attitude you need anywhere in the lower 48 states.


Our staffing clients enjoy free payroll services. That’s right: If you use our staffing services, we will provide payroll processing at no extra charge.


LG Resources can help your company with workers’ compensation mitigation. We offer comprehensive workplace evaluations, recommendations, and more to help you reduce workplace injuries and costly claims.

Our clients often save double-digit percentages on their premium payments. More specifically, the claim management system we use has been actuarially proven to reduce claim frequency by 21% and reduce cost per claim by 51% on average. We will help you limit fraudulent claims, decrease indemnity costs, and reduce claims.




Employee benefits are half the game if you want to attract the best talent to work for your company. We can help you figure out which benefits are most important to employees and set up a cost-effective employee benefit plan. You can build out the basics like health and retirement or expand into less common benefits that differentiate your company from competitors.


We can help you set up employer-sponsored retirement plans or individual retirement accounts like 401(K)s, SEP IRAs, or SIMPLE IRAs. Most Americans are not saving enough for their old age, but you can help by making it easier for your employees to save. We work with employers of all sizes, including self-employed individuals and small business owners.


We will help you get group rates for life, disability, critical illness, and accident insurance. Our team can also help with pet coverage, identity theft protection, legal services, and financial counseling. These benefits can be offered through the employer but paid for through payroll deferral.


LG can help you set up a health savings program that adds to your health benefits. These supplemental preventative health management plans will improve your employees’ health benefits and give you key tax incentives. You get healthier, happier, and more productive employees, and your employees get an easier time affording the care they need.




We can help you set up services that help employees reduce or eliminate debt, including student loan debt. With less debt, employees will have less stress and a brighter future. Offering an employee debt solution benefit can be especially helpful if you wish to attract highly educated workers who may have large loans to pay off.


Executive bonus plans, also known as Section 162 Plans, offer special compensation to key executives and company managers. We can help you set up a great bonus program that motivates high-impact people at your company.


Key person insurance is a financial cushion in case you suddenly lose an individual who profoundly affects the company’s operations. This kind of insurance can buy you time to find a replacement, save the business, or shut it down gracefully if needed.


Premium financing is a fusion of life insurance and financing. It can help you and your employees prepare for retirement by protecting your future income without draining current funds. For some employees, it may offer more protection and retirement income potential than they could get without leverage.


Estate planning gives your employees the peace of mind of knowing what will happen to their loved ones in case of the unexpected. Estate planning benefits can cover children, pets, medical wishes, assets, and overall legacies.


LG Resources can help you set up on-site and remote financial literacy courses for employees. Many people were never taught how to deal with their finances in school or at home. Led by financial educators, these workshops help your employees learn how to build financial wellness and chart a plan for the future. This information might change your employees’ lives, and they’ll thank you for offering this benefit!

Ready to set up a better benefits plan that attracts and retains great employees? Talk to one of our employee benefits consultants today.




LG Resources is a staffing agency and employee benefits consulting firm. We offer a wide range of employer solutions that can help your business save on staffing, taxes, and other parts of your operations.

We offer many of the same services that professional employer organizations (PEOs) offer, like recruiting, workers’ comp mitigation, and help with setting up an employee benefits program. Our goal is to help your organization become more efficient so you can focus on the work that matters most.


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Make Your Business More Efficient With LG Resources Employer Solutions

Looking to speed up your operations and boost your profit? LG Resources clients can enjoy many helpful services you may not have known about. While we are not a full-service PEO, we...

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