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Need a Headhunter? Get Professional Recruiting Services From LG

Finding the right candidate for a professional or executive role can be challenging. You can’t settle for just anyone: You need a quality candidate with the right skills, experience, and attitude to push your organization forward.

Unfortunately, most organizations do not have the time or internal expertise to do effective headhunting.

A good headhunter needs to understand not only the industry and the open position, but also how to approach candidates effectively. They need to be good at identifying other people’s skills, able to spot emerging talent, and have the time to aggressively network for their organization.

Many companies prefer using a professional headhunting service like LG Resources rather than making an internal employee take on extra hiring-related tasks. By working with a headhunter, you can free up the time to focus on revenue-generating tasks and gain access to higher-caliber candidates.

Here are six reasons to choose LG Resources for headhunting services:


LG Resources has extensive hiring expertise and screening processes. We partner with employers to find high-quality talent solutions at every level, including C-level executives and professional roles.

Our comprehensive evaluation processes allow us to identify the highest caliber of candidates for every position. We and our partners can match employers throughout the lower 48 states with a candidate who not only has the right skills, but also the drive and personality to take your organization to the next level.


LG offers competitive headhunting rates. At just 20% of the employee’s first-year annual salary, our services are far more cost-effective than hiring a typical headhunter.

We can also help you save more money than you would if you managed the hiring process internally. While hiring on your own might seem like a great way to save, employers typically spend over $7500 and take two months to hire a new employee, even if they only use Indeed and similar platforms.

A recruiting firm can save you thousands of dollars and free up substantial HR time. With all those savings, you can improve your employee training processes, create a better work environment, and ultimately improve your employee retention rate.




LG Resources is committed to helping you get the employees you need. We are confident enough in our placement services to provide a generous hiring guarantee. If there is a problem with an employee we find for you, we will help you find a new candidate for the role.

We guarantee our hires for 45 days. After that time period, we offer a reduced replacement fee of only 50% until 120 days after the initial hire.

Contact LG Resources to get started with hiring!


We have recruiters across the country who specialize in high-level headhunting. Our team hires for a wide variety of roles, including C-level positions, mid-level management, software engineers, accounting positions, graphic designers, land developers, nurses, and so much more.

We understand that high-level and professional employees have an enormous impact on your organization. We take the time to carefully vet each candidate before placing them, whether they are an entry-level engineer or a CFO.


LG maintains a high level of communication with our clients. Our goal is to help you find the kind of talent you need, so we listen to understand any pain points throughout the hiring process. We strive to ensure you are satisfied with our services at all times.

When you work with us, you’re never left wondering how close you are to gaining a much-needed employee. Our communication standards are part of the reason we've been able to successfully help thousands of clients.


Looking for a candidate to transform your organization for the better? Reach out to LG Resources today. Our specialized recruiters throughout the U.S. can help you find the ideal new leader, manager, or high-level employee to join your team.


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