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Temporary Staffing vs. Direct Hiring: Which Is Best For Your Company?

It’s hard to keep things running smoothly when your company needs an extra hand on deck. Staffing shortages can cause delays, poor customer service, rushed work, and plenty of other problems you don’t want to deal with. You know you need help, but you may not know the best way to go about getting it, especially for a short-term situation.

Organizations have two main options for hiring: temporary staffing and direct hiring. Each of these approaches has its own advantages and disadvantages you will want to weigh carefully before making a decision.


Temporary or temp staffing is where an organization hires an employee for a short period of time. Most temporary employees are hired for a specific project, season, or when a permanent employee is on temporary leave. The temporary employee is often hired through a staffing agency.

Temp staffing is a good choice for employers that need to fill a position for less than a year. It can also help you ease the burden on permanent employees when their workload increases during a busy season.


Direct hiring is where an organization hires an employee for a long-term position. The employee will report directly to the employer, not to a staffing agency. While a staffing agency may help recruit candidates for a direct hire position, the candidate will ultimately go on the employer’s payroll and benefits program.

Direct hiring is a good choice for any employer looking to add long-term staff to their workforce. Most job seekers would prefer to be permanent employees rather than temps, so direct hiring may help the employer attract more experienced, in-demand candidates.





Temp staffing is the least time-consuming hiring method. Since you aren’t committing to these staff members for long, you may not need to spend as much time interviewing them. What’s more, if you are hiring through a temp staffing agency, the agency will handle most of the hiring process for you.

Temp agencies often have a large pool of pre-screened, pre-qualified candidates they can send you. They don’t have to spend as much time searching for candidates because they have a head start. If you go through a staffing agency, you may be able to hire faster than you could on your own.


Temp staffing agencies charge a fee for their services, often a percentage of the employee’s wages or salary. That’s a cost you wouldn’t have to pay if you hired directly on your own.

However, temporary staffing can still come out ahead if you would otherwise spend an enormous amount of time and money on recruiting. Staffing agencies can recruit much more efficiently than the average employer. Staffing agencies typically make the most financial sense for short-term positions.

Temp staff can also help you save money for very short-term needs when you would otherwise turn to overtime. Bringing in a temp employee to fill in may be less expensive than giving a permanent employee extra hours at overtime rates.

In short, temporary staffing can be more cost-effective for shorter term situations and situations where you’d otherwise spend a lot on recruiting. However, direct hiring usually costs less for long-term positions.




Direct hiring implies that you’re looking for an employee who will stay for a while. When you are willing to commit to your employees, candidates may be more willing to commit to your organization, too. Some workers may take a permanent position more seriously than a position that will end in a few weeks or months.

The average job seeker prefers a permanent position over a temp gig. More experienced candidates may not be willing to consider temp jobs, or they may turn down temp jobs if a long-term offer comes up. If you are looking to attract the most skilled, experienced, and in-demand workers, hiring directly is a good bet.

However, you can still find high-quality candidates for many temp jobs. Many temp workers are diligent, ready to learn quickly, and eager to work. Some may be experienced, highly skilled employees who are between permanent jobs or who prefer the variety of temp jobs to the sameness of a permanent job. Some staffing agencies can find high-caliber candidates for any position, temp or permanent.


No matter what kind of position you’re hiring for, you will need to spend some time training new employees. In some cases, a staffing agency can help with training, but in other cases, you may want to do the training yourself.

Temporary staffing is great for short-term needs, but you may run into issues with turnover if you use temporary staffing on a regular basis. It’s often better to hire someone directly so they’re more likely to stay, reducing the need to train new employees.




Temporary employees can be a flexible solution when you have a fluctuating need for extra staff. You can bring in temps for high-demand seasons, one-off projects, or to fill in when a permanent employee is away. Temporary staffing can be a great option for situations like the following:

  • A permanent employee is sick
  • A permanent employee is on parental leave
  • You need more staff for a project with a clear end date
  • Production is ramping up for the holidays

Temporary staffing is also flexible in that you can decide to hire an employee for a permanent position later on. Some employers choose to hire the best temps as permanent employees after a busy season ends. Many temp jobs are actually temp-to-hire jobs where the company tries out a candidate as the candidate tries out the company.

Both temporary staffing and direct hiring for permanent positions can be good choices at different times. If you work with the right staffing agency, you can find great candidates faster for either kind of role.

At LG Resources, we focus on finding high-caliber candidates for temp, temp-to-hire, and permanent jobs. Our clients are often impressed with the quality of our candidates and the success of screening and hiring efforts. Contact us today about temporary staffing or direct hiring anywhere in the lower 48 states.


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