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The beginning of a new year brings new opportunities for bettering ourselves and our businesses. If your new year’s resolution is to improve your employee engagement, keep reading. We’ve made a list of the 7 best ways to improve your employees’ engagement and retention as we move into 2022.

7 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Employee Engagement

1. Get to know your employees’ needs.

As the pandemic continues to hold a tight grip on society, it’s more important than ever to realize that most of your employees are stretched thin. Whether they are dealing with their family members’ health, their own health, or their children and childcare situations, it’s vital to find out what they need and how your organization can reduce their stress.

Now is a great time to consider your employees’ needs and adjust different facets of your business as needed, such as your benefits.

2. Workplace flexibility will help improve Employee Engagement .

Flexible work schedules and work-from-home opportunities are likely a result of the pandemic that is here to stay. Workplace flexibility can be as important to employers as it is to employees because it can lower overhead, increase productivity, and boost company morale.

Allowing flexible work arrangements for your employees when possible can help them feel supported, which will ultimately improve engagement.

3. Review and update your paid leave policy and other benefits.

Paid leave has been absolutely crucial to a significant percentage of the workforce during the COVID era, and not only because of the virus. Updating your voluntary paid leave policies can help improve employee retention into the new year.

4. Growth opportunities will attract better Employee Engagement.

employee engagement

When employees feel emotionally connected to their work, they are likely to be better at their job. Give your employees the opportunity to grow as individuals and with your company by offering courses and training programs that can help them work toward their goals.

5. Create a clear performance management system.

Eliminate any confusion at the workplace by solidifying a clear performance management system. Consistent check-ins with staff, providing clear documentation on their roles and tasks at your company, and lending support and an open ear whenever necessary can help your employees succeed.

When workers know exactly what’s expected of them, they can stay engaged and inspired in their positions.

6. Stay up to date on state, local, and federal laws.

A new year means that new state, local and federal laws go into effect. Ensuring that you’re following the latest employment laws can help you avoid lawsuits and keep your employees safe and focused this year.

7. Ramp up your diversity and inclusion efforts in areas where your company can improve.

Diversity and inclusion efforts are often vital to employee engagement in the workplace. In the new year, commit to educating and training your staff about your anti-discrimination policies and how each employee can contribute to a more just, effective workplace. These efforts will help retain, attract and engage top-tier staff members from a variety of backgrounds.

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