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Last updated on December 21st, 2022 at 01:43 am

If you’ve been searching for experienced and qualified tech employees, you know how tough the labor market can be. Many employers have reported a considerable deficit of skilled workers to help fill open positions.

If you’ve struggled to find valuable candidates in the tech industry, consider working with LG Resources. Our expansive network, emphasis on candidate quality, focused attention, and 96% retention rate set us apart from our competition.

Below are five reasons why choosing LG Resources as your tech staffing agency is the best way to find the employees you need to succeed.

1. We Have a Large Tech Staffing Network

LG Resources has an extensive network of knowledgeable and skilled IT professionals to help you and your company succeed.

Our network of qualified tech employees is equipped with the people and technology skills you need for just about any job in the IT and technology fields.

2. We Prioritize Candidate Quality

At LG Resources, we pride ourselves on our 96% retention rate. We use unique and comprehensive screening processes to ensure that the candidates for both temporary and permanent positions have the skills you need and want.

As a result of our robust vetting process and dedication to quality over quantity, our partners often see an increase in production and retention after taking on a candidate from our network.

Using our proprietary rating scale and other top-of-the-line evaluation systems, we can match companies with the best candidates who have the skills, experience, and knowledge to get the job done correctly.

3. We Can Help With a Wide Range of Tech Staffing Roles

tech staffing

Whether you’re looking for managers, web developers, web designers, software engineers, graphic designers, IT help desk staff, or other tech professionals, LG Resources has you covered.

Our knowledgeable tech staffing agents are committed to helping ​​you find highly skilled candidates for any technology position you need to fill.

4. We Will Make Your Tech Staffing Candidate Search Our Full-Time Priority

When you work with LG Resources, you’re ensuring that your candidate search will end with the perfect hire.

We make your candidate search our full-time priority by connecting you with our expert tech staffing agents who are dedicated to finding you the perfect employee.

Our agents will learn everything there is to know about you, your company, the roles you’re looking to fill, and who your ideal candidate is. From there, we will sift through hundreds of applicants and only supply you with the most qualified potential candidates for each role.

5. We Provide Other Benefits Beyond Staffing

At LG Resources, we don’t just find you experienced employees. We provide clients with a vast range of additional benefits that will help you increase business efficiency while allowing you to focus on the work that matters.

Some of the most popular services that we offer beyond tech staffing are:

  • Free payroll services
  • Access to our one-of-a-kind healthcare savings program
  • Workers comp mitigation and workplace evaluation services
  • Guidance with qualifying for tax credits

Our incredible tech staffing team is here to help you find the best IT employees in the job market. We are dedicated to saving you time and money while providing you with the candidates that best suit your needs.

Request an IT employee from LG today!