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When you’re hiring for a warehouse role, you often don’t have the time or internal resources to find a great candidate within the time frame you need. Hiring takes a lot of time, and it’s even harder to come up with that time when you are already dealing with a staff shortage.

Below, we offer a few suggestions for finding a great warehouse worker, including tips for how to choose a great staffing agency. Or if you’d rather skip to our best staffing agencies list, scroll down to the bottom half of the article.

How to Find a Warehouse Worker

It can be challenging to find and engage the best warehouse workers. If you want to hire the absolute best employees, you will need to make a competitive offer, which may include:

  • Competitive pay based on recent research
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Improved health and wellness benefits
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • A safer, more appealing work environment

If you don’t have a specialized team that can dedicate their full time and energy to hiring, it usually makes sense to choose a warehouse staffing agency which can access a wide range of pre-qualified candidates to find your ideal employee much faster.

A staffing agency can help you save time, access a better talent pool, get specialized hiring expertise, and provide additional strategic benefits beyond staffing. The right staffing agency could transform your business efficiency.

What Should I Look for When Choosing Warehouse Staffing Agencies?

warehouse staffing agencies

High client retention numbers

Some staffing agencies publish their client retention or satisfaction numbers on their websites. If the agency has a high retention rate, it means they successfully meet most of their clients’ staffing needs, and you can be fairly sure they’ll meet yours as well.

LG Resources has a 96% client retention rate. If you choose to work with us, you’re unlikely to regret it!

Warehouse staffing agencies have a large network

The best staffing agencies have a large pool of candidates to draw from. The more candidates are in their talent network, the more likely they are to find an amazing match for your open job position.

Some staffing agencies also partner with other agencies to expand their pool of available talent. If the staffing agency you choose works together with other agencies or companies, you will enjoy the combined resources of everyone involved.

A time frame that works for you

warehouse staffing agencies

Not every staffing agency works at the same speed. If you need to hire a warehouse employee fast, you need to make sure you’re hiring an agency that can fill the role within your time frame.

Before hiring a warehouse staffing agency, we recommend asking how long it typically takes them to fill job openings and whether they can speed that process up if needed.

Warehouse staffing agencies provide fair fees

Staffing agencies don’t work for free. As an employer client, you will likely pay the agency a set percentage of the employee’s wages if they are hired on a temp basis, or a similar rate for a period of time if they are hired for a permanent position. Some agencies charge one-time recruitment fees instead of or in addition to an hourly rate.

Before hiring a staffing agency, make sure to clear their fees with upper management. The last thing you want is to have the agency move forward with an incredible client, only to find out that your boss isn’t willing to pay the agency’s fee!

Typical staffing agency fees

Staffing agency fees can vary widely but are usually between 25% and 100% of a temp hire’s pay. If an agency recruits a permanent hire, they will likely charge a one-time fee which will be a lower percentage of the new hire’s annual salary.

If this sounds expensive, keep in mind that the staffing agency is helping you avoid the often higher costs of turnover and time. These fees also tend to cover onboarding expenses, payroll expenses, and benefits for temp hires.

Bonus: Assistance with other aspects of your business

Some staffing agencies provide additional business efficiency solutions, like workers’ comp mitigation, assistance with qualifying for employee retention tax credits, underwriting your health benefits, and free payroll services. These kinds of benefits can be life-changing for some employers, so if you find a great staffing agency that offers them, you don’t want to miss out!

The Top Warehouse Staffing Agencies

warehouse staffing agencies

LG Resources

LG Resources is a national staffing agency specializing in warehouse, manufacturing, logistics, clerical, and professional staff. With a 96% client retention rate, you’re unlikely to regret choosing this staffing agency.

LG has local offices throughout Utah and Pennsylvania, plus partners with locations throughout the mainland U.S. This staffing agency can help with all your U.S. warehouse staffing needs, plus a variety of other business solutions such as assistance with qualifying for tax credits, underwriting your health benefits, payroll services, and workers’ comp mitigation services.

Cornerstone Staffing Solutions

Cornerstone is a staffing agency specializing in manufacturing and light industrial jobs, administrative work, sales and business development, finance, human resources, engineering, and technical roles. The company’s goal is to create meaningful work experiences by introducing the right candidate to the right organization.

This company was listed as one of America’s Best Temporary Staffing Firms by Forbes in 2020. Cornerstone Staffing Agency has locations in California, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, and New Jersey.


Delrecruiters is a specialized staffing agency that helps businesses find staff for warehousing, supply chain, logistics, and distribution center jobs. They are known for helping clients find candidates as quickly as possible.

Delrecruiters has locations in Atlanta, Chicago, North and South Carolina, Florida, and Dallas/Fort Worth.


Aerotek has its roots in engineering staffing for the aerospace and defense industries, but it has expanded into one of the largest staffing firms in other industries as well. This well-known staffing agency has local offices in most U.S. states.

Aerotek has been recognized with ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing Client and Talent Satisfaction awards for five years in a row. This staffing agency is known for its people-focused, performance driven culture.

Express Employment Professionals

Express Employment Professionals is a privately held, internationally franchised company with hundreds of locations around the world, including locations in most U.S. states. This well-known brand can find qualified employees in a wide variety of industries and levels, including warehouse workers.

Each applicant goes through a multi-step selection process which includes verifying their application information, interviewing, skills evaluation, employment verification, and making a hiring decision to meet the client’s needs. If you are looking to hire warehouse workers in locations around the world, Express Employment Professionals could be a great staffing choice.

Ready to Hire?

warehouse staffing agencies

If you’re looking to hire warehouse workers soon, reach out to the LG Resources team today. We connect employers with the best candidates all over the U.S. using comprehensive screening processes, including a proprietary rating scale and other evaluative systems.

As a result of our strong emphasis on candidate caliber, our partners often see increased production and retention. One client reported a 40% production increase in the first week they used staff from LG Resources.