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Not sure whether it makes sense to hire a call center staffing agency to recruit for your call center? If you have plenty of time and internal hiring expertise, it’s possible that you’re better off avoiding an agency’s fees.

However, there are many situations where a staffing agency may be able to save you time and money over direct hiring.

Most companies don’t have extensive call center hiring expertise. Furthermore, management typically lacks the time to focus on efficiently hiring at a time when the company may be short-staffed and struggling to accomplish other essential tasks.

In these seven situations, it nearly always makes sense to hire a call center staffing agency.

1. A Call Center Staffing Agency Will Provide Staff ASAP

Staffing agencies have access to a large pool of pre-qualified candidates who are actively seeking work. What’s more, their staff can fully dedicate themselves to the hiring process, allowing you to find candidates quickly and avoid delays.

If you need call center staff in the next few days (or even weeks), a staffing agency is almost certainly your best bet.

2. Call Center Staffing Agencies Offer Temp Staffing Solutions

Any hire comes with paperwork. While you may not mind doing one-time paperwork for an employee who will stay with you for years, your feelings might change when you have to fill out a similar number of forms for someone who will only work with you for a few weeks or months.

Most staffing agencies take care of the bulk of the hiring paperwork for you. For temp employees, they act as the employer so you never have to worry about these hassles.

An agency may also be able to train your new temp employees. It’s likely that at least a few staffing agency employees will have expertise in the field, which enables them to take on at least some of the training for you. When a staffing agency partners with a company for hiring temp employees, everybody wins!

3. You Can Do a Trial Run Before Hiring With a Call Center Staffing Agency

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Many employers today would rather “try out” a candidate before they commit to a permanent hire. After all, it’s often difficult (and expensive) to fire a full-time employee who doesn’t work out! If your company can’t afford to waste time on a bad call center hire, a temp agency could be the way to go.

An agency can act as a temp-to-hire candidate’s legal employer while you see if they’re a good fit. They can also easily provide other candidates if the first person you try doesn’t work out, saving you plenty of time and hassle.

4. When you lack call center expertise

Staffing a call center requires special expertise. You may need more employees than you think, and the employees you hire may need specific skills that aren’t obvious to outsiders or are hard to test for.

For example, a call center employee doesn’t just need to be able to communicate clearly and use technology: they also need patience, empathy, and problem-solving skills, which can be quite difficult to identify in a candidate unless you have extensive hiring experience.

The best staffing agencies have comprehensive screening processes, which means you get higher quality candidates for all types of positions. For example, at LG Resources, we use a proprietary rating scale and other evaluative systems to match candidates with the required skills, experience, and knowledge for each of our candidates’ job openings.

If you don’t have call center hiring experience, your company will likely be better off working with a call center staffing agency to hire new employees.

5. Call Center Staffing Agencies Help Reduce Turnover

Employee turnover can be extraordinarily expensive when you consider the costs of hiring, onboarding and training, lost productivity, temporary overtime from the remaining employees to maintain staffing levels, taxes, and increased customer service errors.

All in all, employers can expect to pay 16% of annual pay to replace an employee from a low-paying job, and 20% of annual pay to replace a midrange employee. While these figures are lower than the cost of replacing a high-level executive, they still come out to thousands of dollars.

Staffing agencies offer expertise not only in hiring but also in other aspects of human resources. By hiring a call center staffing agency, you gain access to expertise in employee engagement, turnover, reduction, and more.

6. A Call Center Staffing Agency Provides Expertise in Other Business Efficiency

Some call center staffing agencies provide services beyond staffing, including assistance with tax savings strategies and general business efficiency.

For instance, LG Resources goes beyond recruiting to help clients with workers’ comp mitigation, savings opportunities, tax-advantaged healthcare plans, and more. We also provide free payroll management services for our partners.

We recently set up a new program to help companies learn whether and how much they’re eligible to save on taxes through the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), a refundable payroll tax credit for businesses impacted by COVID-19 in the U.S. Businesses can save up to $33,000 per employee with this credit, depending on how and when their business was impacted. If you’re interested, reach out to us for a free consultation today.

7. A Call Center Staffing Agency Can Help When You’re Short On Time

Some companies think they can save on hiring by having internal employees take charge, but these employees often struggle to find the time to focus on sorting through candidates. After all, these very same employees are often dealing with an increased workload while you are short-staffed!

If you simply don’t have the time to dedicate to an efficient hiring process, you could definitely benefit from working with a staffing agency. That way, you’ll get the help you need faster — and in the meantime, you can focus on keeping up with other essential tasks.

Hire a Call Center Staffing Agency Today

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