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Employee Benefits Consulting

Save on Your Employee Benefits Package

LG’s Consulting Services make it easy to set up a great employee benefits package that attracts high-caliber employees and saves you money. We can help you plan finances and qualify for tax credits while creating the best employee benefits package for your team.

10 In-Demand Jobs for Workers in Utah

Save Money on Your Benefits Program

Set Up Employee Benefits Faster

Attract the Employees You Want

Need Help Setting Up Your Employee Benefits Program?

Cutting through confusion and red tape
Choosing the right insurance to provide peace of mind

Finding tax-advantaged benefits options

Figuring out which benefits your company should set up first

Helping employees manage debt and finances

Choosing the right insurance to provide peace of mind

Saving you money while cultivating a happier, more motivated workforce

Build a tax-advantaged benefits package that meets employees’ needs and helps you save money

Your Strategic Consultant

LG has a 96% client retention rate due to our emphasis on providing high-caliber solutions and helping our clients save money. We make the process of setting up benefits as easy as possible for our partners.

We’ve been helping employers like you attract and retain great employees, improve efficiency, qualify for tax credits, and save on employee benefits services for years. Talk to us today about setting up a great employee benefits package.

10 In-Demand Jobs for Workers in Utah

See What Past Clients Have to Say


Clothing Store Owner / 8 employees

After receiving an ERC refund with our help, she and her LG concierge are keeping the momentum — and savings — going.

  • $114,000 ERC Refund helped her retain employees
  • $7,680 in Payroll Tax Savings lowered her monthly tax payments
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan helped her reward, retain, and attract staff
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  • Key Person Insurance protected her company from loss of top talent

Monica and her LG concierge are already working on her next service.

Save on Your Employee Benefits Package


Trucking Company CEO / 122 employees

Our team helped him recover millions of dollars with his ERC refund, but he and his LG concierge didn’t stop there.

  • $2.2 million ERC Refund helped pay off equipment and boost working capital
  • $117,000 in Payroll Tax Savings saved enough to hire more drivers and increase marketing
  • Voluntary Benefits protected the company from losing drivers to recruiters
  • Profit Sharing incentivized employees to hit goals, which increased profits
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  • 401(k) Retirement Plan improved benefit offerings to be more competitive
  • Estate Planning introduced a wealth protection benefit option for employees
  • Financial Literacy Workshops helped employees create their personal financial roadmap

Together with his LG Concierge, Andrew continues to roll out programs that make his company strong, competitive, and profitable.

10 In-Demand Jobs for Workers in Utah

3 simple steps to set up your employee benefits package

LG’s Consulting Services make employee benefits services as easy as possible.

1. Get in touch with an LG concierge consultant

2. Let us help you find the best benefits options and savings strategies

3. Set up a benefits program you and your employees love

10 In-Demand Jobs for Workers in Utah

Make Your Company Strong, Competitive, and Profitable

Setting up employee benefits and qualifying for tax credits can be confusing. With LG’s Consulting Services, you can easily find ways to save and build an employee benefits package that rewards, retains, and attracts the people your company needs to thrive.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The entire process was extremely simple and efficient. Everything was quick and easy and we were able to join a Zoom informational meeting within days.”

Bright Beginnings ELC, Chicago Business

Ready to Build a Better Employee Benefits Package?

Set Up the Benefits Package Your Employees, Owners, and Executives Deserve

LG’s Consulting Services will help you add the right employee benefits at the right time, in the right way, and with the right savings strategies.


Retirement can be pivotal in helping companies retain and recruit employees. We can help you set up employer-sponsored plans, individual retirement accounts, and plans for self-employed individuals and small business owners.


ERC is a generous stimulus program designed to bolster those businesses that were able to retain their employees during COVID. Due to the extremely complex tax code and qualifications, it is severely underutilized. We can help you access substantial tax credits you may not have known you were eligible for.


We can help your team capture group rates for benefits like life, disability, critical illness, and accident insurance, as well as pet coverage, identity theft protection, legal services, and financial counseling. We can set up benefits that will be offered through the employer but paid for partially or solely by workers through payroll deferral.


LG’s Consulting Services can help you set up LLH Small Group benefits. Beyond improving health benefits to employees, supplemental preventative health management plans provide employers with key tax incentives. Best of all, your employees will be healthier, happier, and more productive.


Debt, including student loan debt, prevents millions of employees from accessing the opportunities and freedoms that wealth provides. We can help you set up effective, innovative services that help employees reduce and eliminate debt so they can pursue new possibilities and a brighter future.


Executive Bonus Plans, also referred to as Section 162 Plans, are non-qualified vehicles used by employers to provide special compensation to key executives and company managers. We can help you set up a better bonus program that motivates your executives.


This insurance acts as a financial cushion if the sudden loss of a key individual would profoundly affect the company’s operations. It can buy the company time to find a replacement or to save (or shut down) the business.


A proactive strategy, premium financing is designed to help you and your employees maintain your lifestyle in retirement by protecting your future income without draining current funds. A fusion of financing and life insurance, it offers more protection and retirement income potential than you could obtain without leverage.


Only you should decide how your affairs are managed — not the courts. Estate planning for you and your employees equals company-wide peace of mind that children, assets, pets, medical wishes, and legacies will be decided upon by them.


Many of your employees were not taught how money works at home or in school. Our on-site and remote courses, led by financial educators, help employees enjoy greater financial wellness and chart a plan for the future.

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